Session timeout is too short

Is there any plugin, or any way to increase the session timeout when doing reviews? I often get interrupted in the middle of a review session only to come back 5?, 10? minutes and my session has timed out, which means I have to redo items that were in the unfinished queue.

I’d really like to be able to tell WK not to time out my session so quickly.


I thought items in the unfinished queue were saved. :thinking: It is a bit annoying, though.

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They are, for like two hours. But they are no longer at the front of your review queue, which increases the chance of not doing the second half of the review before the two hour limit. Frankly I don’t understand why there’s a timeout at all.


This may not be available for mobile, but isn’t there a userscript that makes the meaning and reading of items always adjacent?

I know there’s one that can strictly order review items by level/review type. Not sure whether that would do something to alleviate the problem.

Every time my session times out, when I refresh, the number to complete is larger than it was before the timeout and I have to repeat items. And it’s not because new items became available, it’s because the “half done” queue is flushed and sometimes that half done queue can be larger than I’d like it to be.


Sessions consume memory and resources on the back end. So a timeout is reasonable, it is just IMHO way too short.


That’s actually not my experience in the last month or so - I definitely used to see this happen but lately I have noticed that the SRS toast comes up when reviewing only the incomplete half of an item after a pause.

Regardless, I do agree with you that the session timeout could be longer! Just trying to think of other aspects that might be helpful.


I don’t believe that’s the case. All the review session data is only stored on the front end.

Then the developer team must’ve thought that people wouldn’t want it to keep consuming memory if they were not using it.

What happens if you wrap up? Or if you close the tab and open the review again? Does it keep the queue for 2 hours still?

It keeps the half-done reviews. It doesn’t keep the queue. And this is still only on the front end, so I don’t get the “consuming memory” argument.

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I don’t know much about that stuff, so it’s the only reason I could see of closing the session.

And yeah, I meant the half done reviews.

If you wrap up, it only wraps up the items in your “active queue” (up to 10 items). If you have half done items outside of that from previously refreshing the page or getting a timeout, they will not be included in the wrap up.

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Is the active queue only up to 10 items? Or do you mean the wrap up? Because I thought for sure that you could have more than 10 unfinished items naturally, but I must’ve been confused. It also doesn’t help that I probably mostly did all my reviews in one go, even if I got timed out, so I probably figured it did not matter as long as they were saved somehow.

You cannot have more than 10 unfinished items, barring a timeout or refresh. What you probably saw is that you can start item A and then review 50 items before finishing item A. But item A is still in your active queue only containing 10 items the whole time. It’s just random chance which of the active items will get selected for the next review and when an item is finished a new item gets added to the active queue. But if you do wrap up, item A will still be in the active queue and will get finished at that point.

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Yeah, that makes sense.

Flaming Durtles (Android app) doesn’t have a timeout that I can see, which is great for me, because I do reviews at work while I’m cat herding technicians. I put the phone down when work demands my full attention and pick it back up when it does not.

I also find it too short, gets annoying. Sometimes I need a drink or a bathroom break.

was thinking about suggesting Flaming Durtles but you’ve already mentioned it.

I just wonder how would the app and wani web react if we review items on Wanikani web that have been left unfinished on Flaming Durtles review sesion (cause the app has no time-out)

I don’t know. Since I use my phone while at work and my computer at home, I don’t expect to run into this kind of conflict.

I try to do the wrap up when I can. But it doesn’t really bother me if 10 unfinished items time out. I don’t usually start a review session if I will be interrupted.