Pause reviews to continue on the same window an hour later

you know when you are reviewing a lot but then something disturbs you (long phone call?) and when you get back it says connection lost?

It feels a bit better to have everything in one place without new counts and what not.
no, not pause the actual reviews, yes still have everything count properly, yes the servers need a break

so my question is: is there a literal pause button in some script somewhere so one can continue on on the same review …uh session e.g. an hour later? hope this makes sens

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I don’t know, but if you continue a session after you refresh, the summary screen will still show the whole session, I think.

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not the point

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For this I usually click on the “wrap up session” button on the Flaming Durtles app for a quick finish to the items left in the review queue. Say if I got 10 reviews and I’ve already made it halfway through for 4 of them, I’ll wrap that 4 up. That way, the ones I’ve done are done, and I can continue the rest after. I think there’s a similar button on the web version too.

What is the point then, exactly? I don’t understand the problem.


The problem with that is that, for certain values of long (ie. 2 hours and up), any partially completed reviews get reset, as if you never started them in that session.

To get the experience that I think you want, without scripts, you can do whatever item you’re currently on, then deal with whatever before advancing to the next screen. Provided you’re within the 2-hour window, your incomplete reviews shouldn’t be reset.

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also not the point. looking for a way to keep the same session going for extended periods of times including breaks

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didn’t know about the 2 hour timeframe. very valuable, thank you
guess in this case it can’t be done and the thread became pointless, sad

Welcome back Joey, I missed you, man!

I’ve not tried it myself but there is user script that removes the timeout:

WK no idle (


Yes, but, are we getting warmer?

If people haven’t quite understood your post, clarification generally works better than dismissal. It’s unclear to us exactly what benefit you expect to obtain by prolonging the session.


That wouldn’t be on brand.


My understanding of the OP’s issue is that if you’re trying to do reviews in an environment when you’re always getting interrupted or distracted then the timeout screen is a rage-inducing event.

If you’ve got no chance of actually emptying the review queue and the timeout occurs then the review queue will be randomised again meaning that items left half-done are unlikely to be completed because you probably won’t see them again in that review session.


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Not the point.


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