Can I do reviews in batches?

I’m back in school and have just been watching my review count rise. Is there any way I can do, like, 30 reviews at a time instead of just wading into the whole pool? I feel like I spend a lot of time waiting for the second review of an item before just quitting out. I’d be better able to work through them if I could fit them into my schedule in bursts.

I’ve never used anything third-party (other than the Android app) so I’m not sure if that’d be a solution. Thanks!

You can click the wrap up button, which will bring up the half-done items and then end your session


You can also just exit the session just without wrap up. The only thing is that those items which you only completed halfway won’t be remembered when you go to finish them later. Wrap up makes sure that the amount of items you decide to do will be finished and won’t let you review any more in that session.

I think it’s actually a hard ten. It’s just you can’t have more than ten half done at any time. But you could start, do a couple, and wrap up would still be ten items even though you only have two half done.

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Nothing else I can add to the main topic, the other replies said it all

That’s definitely not quite the case. It’s rare to have more than 10 half-done, but there have been plenty of times where I’ve wrapped up, come back later, and ended up finishing some half-done reviews from previously in the day.

Thank you all so much!!! The wrap-up button was exactly what I wanted, I just didn’t know what any of the buttons did!

Really? I thought it worked that WK would only let you have 10 half done at any given time. That if I had ten half done, it would just randomly cycle those ten until I cleared one. Definitely feels that way at least (I’ve been such in the ‘I can’t get any of these right’ situations a number of times)

So then it’s, ten items. Either 10 of your half dones, or all half dones plus however many news to get it to ten.

Also, why the forums saying I’m level 29? I’m 30 dag-nab-it. @koichi @viet I’m better than this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That, or it’s a bug. It may be that I had half-done items from a session before that one, then wrapped up a second session, then in the third session finished the earlier half-dones. That’s just a guess though, it’s hard to say exactly what’s caused it. It’s happened to me somewhere in the ballpark of ten times, so it’s not exactly common.

That should only be possible if you leave a session without wrapping up and return within two hours. After two hours the half-done items are reset and you have to do both parts again.

That’s probably it, then. It must only check for half-done items from the current session when you wrap up, not previous ones.

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