Example sentences for vocab words

So, I was watching this video yesterday about RTK and how it compared with WK and other Kanji method.

(if not interested in watching the video, since it’s like 38’ long, and basically telling you that Remembering the Kanji it’s THE method for effiency in Kanji learning :expressionless:, while WK and KKLC are suboptimal choices; the main points against WK as a method in the video could be reduced to lack of writing practice and out of context examples)

Not too many ripples from my end, as most of the issues he addresses as weaknesses of the WK method were things I’ve realized already and are included in my daily routine as a supplement of what I do with the reviews here.

As for writing, the way to improve this it’ fairly easy I would say (I use the Kanji Study App and the Anki WK Kanji Writing Deck ).

What about sentences here in WK? How do you use them? I don’t use them at all actually :sweat_smile: and find examples within sentences from my shows (Subs2SRS) with those words, so I can really tell whether a word it’s common or not as well.


About the video, there’s a whole topic about it.

About the sentences, I always try to read it. If there are too many unknown words and kanji, or if I feel like it’s one of those sentences that try too hard to be quirky and/or funny, I just ignore it.


There was a request back in the day for a resource for using the Sentences for study, so I put them together as a deck. Not sure how much use it actually gets though.

Typical consensus is that collecting your own sentences is more effective.

Here it is if you want to take a look.

[WaniKani Context Sentences]


Thanks, great deck :+1: . Surely they are much more prone to be used having them in a deck.

So far I’ve been making a collection of Subs2SRS deck cards for context reference, but still some of the more rare vocab in WK finds me lacking some examples, so this will come handy :sunglasses:

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