Generating sentences containing Mastered vocabulary using AI

Hello everyone!

Is was thinking of ways of helping vocabulary stick better in my memory by reading and writing. My first idea was to export all the vocabulary I’ve “mastered” and use ChatGPT/Bing to create sentences using currently available vocabulary. Its output would be in English and Japanese, but, I would read the English one and try to write in Japanese, then I would compare it to see if I got it right.

Then it dawned on me to ask if anyone had done something like this before, maybe even created an app that integrates WaniKani data.

Have anyone done this before?

I mean, this would be possible with an API token. There are some apps that use a WaniKani API token to check what you have mastered etc. On bunpro for example you can hide the furigana over Kanji, that you have studied in WaniKani, all you need is to paste the API token.

Or on wkstats you can use an API token to get all kinds of stats like a level up chart.

So theoretically, it should be possible for someone to make an app that firstly, hooks into ChatGPT, and secondly hooks into WaniKani through API and then feed ChatGPT all the Kanji and vocab mastered to generate texts.

Am I tech-savvy enough to do that? No :smiley: but someone might.

It’s important to note that Japanese sentences that you ask ChatGPT to generate are not necessarily grammatically correct or correctly translated. I’ve seen multiple cases of ChatGPT generating a sentence/translation that looks fine at first glance, but has some flaws that could give you bad habits if you study with them.


There is already a handful of threads about this topic here in the forum, where people goes very heatedly discussing weather using AI is a good idea to learn Japanese or not, specially considering that “Chat GPT is master in lying and posing as true”.

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They’re not terrible, actually. I would say even good. They’re obviously not native speaker level, but maybe good enough is good enough.

@mattvieir if you feel a little more daring, you can use Tatoeba and their sentence bank. Japanese sentences can be downloaded as a ZIP archive and then you can do some word matching locally. Just be aware that these sentences are freely submitted by everyone so they too might not be native-level correct.

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