Sentence Builder

I really like it, it’s interactive and really got me into the kanji memorising game.
I really want a sentence builder, too, 下さい


What’s a sentence builder?


Well, I now have learnt say fifty kanji, so I would like to use them.
We’re working from home so I would like to have a software that I could use with some grammar.
I have kanji for dog and ball, I would like to write sentences with them, and on the Tofugu page we have grammar structures like desu. Combining those would be fun.

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Here’s an example of a sentence builder. Using the example sentence from 犬:


you then get scrambled choice of words, e.g.:


and then you have to put them together to create a grammatically correct sentence, ignoring the red herrings 四月 and 夕べ. Is that what you have in mind?

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Actually, I had thought about something different.
I imagined it more open to interaction.
For example, the sentence structure with desu has an open box for a noun and a verb desu.
So I would like to be able to type in inu in the box and select the right verb.
that’s all I can do for now.
I imagine a more complex sentence would have more boxes.
The side of wanikani that I like is how it’s a game, so I would like to play with the sentences, too.
They can be creative or outrageous, but the program would have the grammar right.


I see. There are various types of sentence builder, so it would have been more helpful if you had explained it in your original post. I don’t think WK is going to implement this feature, but you can check out for something similar to your idea.

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