Master all Wanikani vocab easily in a year, reviewing just 7 cards a day!


I’m planning to make sentace cards containing all 6300 wanikani vocab. しかし! I’m going to add at least 2 - 3
words per sentence card reducing the amount to between 2100- 3150 cards that contain every single Vocab taught in wanikani… しかし! I was wondering if it’s possible to search for sentences containing two or more words. for example, if I were to type in 遊ぶ and 決める。it would produce a sentence containing both words, like this. 遊びたいならちゃんとルールを決めておきなさい. does anyone know how to do this on jisho or any other websites where you can find example sentences?

I’m planning to do this for only burn vocabulary. If I were to do this for all 6300 burned vocab reviews would be easy and I could potentially review like 7 cards a day and I would have reviewed all wanikani vocab in under a year!


edit: solved With Thanks to @cetu This website allows you to search for sentences containing 2 or more words!遊ぶ 猫


With thanks to @Shadkat for providing this 解決!

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total time to build that>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>total time to complete WK.


I’m not to sure what you mean by

Can you please elaborate?

What’s your goal with this post? :slight_smile: Are you going to make the sentences yourself? How will you know they are correct? Are you suggesting others to write their own sentences themselves?

I just think this will take an incredible amount of time and energy for little gain. Or at least, you could use them in a better way by consuming native content.

The sentences would be taken from sources like Jisho and tatoeba and any other website where you can search for sentences.

Perhaps you might find the weblio japanese-english dictionary useful:

For example:遊び+決め


Awesome yes this is the exact feature I was looking for!:grinning: If you know of anymore search engines, that can search for 2 or more words at a time, please let me know.

Thank you!

> = greater than
>> = very much greater than
>>> = very very much greater than
>>>> = very very... I think you get the idea.
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That’s a really good idea, I was considering that, but It would be a lot harder to find the translation in a google search. although on second thought, if your only making sentence cards for words you have burned, then you would already ready know how to translate it. because your only adding words you know.

I will say the obligatory things:

  1. tatoeba and other databases seem awesome because they are accessable, but the info in them is notoriously garbage (edit: maybe a little harsh, but they are certainly suspect).

  2. “knowing” a word in context comes from seeing it in 1000s (if not 10,000s, 100,000s) of sentences. not one.

sentence mining is good practice, but this might be a time that quantity will trump “quality”, i.e. you are going to be way better off just reading alot of native sentences as opposed to trying to curate a very specific list…

I’ve heard countless times that Tatoeba is flawed. I don’t know about “garbage”, but certainly full of errors. Take those sentences with a grain of salt… and some of those need a whole salt shaker.

Also, if you’re looking for something like that, @RAIJIN, there’s also Duendecat. Already exists, plenty of sentences, by WK level.

Also, Jisho can also do it. It’s the + feature.

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I’m doing both. the only reason I’m doing this is because, wanikani caps the srs limit after burning an item. which is like 4 months. also even if wanikani didn’t cap the srs limit. having 2 - 3 words in a sentence means less sentences to review. so you could potentially review all wanikanis 6300 sentences in around 2000 cards. wanikani doesn’t caps the reviews because it’s better for retaining it. it dose it so as to not scare people away. someone who reads japanese everyday and keeps srsing there reviews beyond wanikanis cap is going to know far more then some one who simply completes wanikani then dos’n’t continue to review what they have learn’t in wanikani. You may retain a lot of it but not nearly as much as someone who kept srsing. if done like I explained, you would only have to do 7 cards a day to have 90 - 95 + retention rate of all vocab you learn in wanikni,

I think it’s better to add the cards as soon as you burn them, rather then wait till you burn everything till you start to srs your vocab. and the fact that your only reading burn cards would be basically like reading 7 sentences a day in your native langue, because your not using Anki to learn cards your using it to maintain. so you could do like 50 a day if you wanted because you already know how to read them.and further more you wouldn’t have hundreds of reviews a day because you would basically getting all cards correct.

Thank you! :slight_smile: How do I use this plus feature?

I think what I was mainly trying to say is, if you want to be able to understand Japanese well, you are going to have to be reading 100s or 1000s of sentences a day for a long time. Remembering the WK vocab specifically just seems like kind of an artificial target. That vocab was chosen to demonstrate kanji readings and illuminate some of the features of word formation (how compounds are formed, etc). It is not, in itself, a very useful vocab list.
Especially if efficiency is your goal, there are much more efficient reading materials (in terms of teaching you vocab that is common and its common connotations) than a list of sentences with the WK vocab in them.

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literally “this + that” … Try looking up how to Boolean search.

Also, did you know you can un-burn your vocab on WK to review things again?

You can’t trust sentences from Tatoeba (Jisho uses Tatoeba as well) without having them double checked by natives.


I understand what you meant. but my point is doing both is better. I don’t want to come a cross a word and be like man I swear I learned this in wanikani but I can’t remember. only srsing burned items you would breeze through them in a few minutes. even if you read for a year everyday you may not come a cross all words in wanikani. this just enusurse you cover a lot more and have less gaps in your knowledge.

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Do you use Anki? and if you do where do you get your sentences from? and also aren’t the wanikani sentences from the same sources? And I’m doing it as to maintain the meaning of words, not for learning new words or grammar points. if they are a bit off, I would kind of know that because I already know what the word means.
and until I find a better website with that is checked by natives, ill just have to take the risk. I think the trade off maintaining thousands of words out weighs the fact I might learn some crappy sentences. for that I have a separate deck that I get from TV shows.