Self-Study Quiz for Verbs?

Hello everyone. It’s been a while.

I would like to ask if there is something like the wonderful Self-Study Quiz or if there is any way I can make this extension to make a quiz with only the verbs WankiKani has taught me.

I always forget many of the readings and if I could, once in a while, do a quiz like that, I think it would help me very much.

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If the API returns the part of speech, somebody could create an additional filter that can be used in self study for filtering by part of speech.


Well that was exactly what I was looking for!
Thank you very much for this and for all the extensions you have made. Honestly.
Now I can finally remember how much I do not remember.

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Nice, I didn’t realize you already made that!

There’s an app called WaniConjugation. You can filter by verbs and adjectives and be quizzed, or just study them.


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