Last session: Failed, should have moved down SRS... Instead BURNED

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Hey you two… I don’t know if I’m the exception to the rule, but yesterday, I failed 例外 and it moved down the SRS to Guru - or so I thought.

Also yesterday, I failed another vocabulary item that was up for burn, 追いかける - just barely… I put “to chase after” and it marked it wrong, so I added it as a synonym, because I was so close (“to chase, to follow, to run after”)… and 4 or so hours later when I did my reviews again, I burned that too. (I decided not to resurrect that one, because I believe I was technically right in my meaning.)


I wonder if you check the time stamp on when I made the synonym to when I burned the item… how much of a variance there will be, and if that will help you figure this out.

Items that should be going down in my SRS… some are not.
And I did complete the sessions with the wrap-up button, every time, so it’s not that I’ve left them hanging. (Which, I have done in the past, a long long time ago, when I was only barely off as I was with 追いかける. I considered it for a few seconds, but I decided against it, since my accuracy is low anyway, and I need to review since it’s been a while since I’d been using WK regularly.)

So, anyway… Something is up.

A pattern is beginning to emerge…

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… I think this is kind of another one…

Only… not the same. I believe I had this right the last time I reviewed it, but I could’ve sworn it was only 1-2 weeks ago, a month at most… so only just hit enlightened:


EDIT: In the case of 基本, it appears I may have mistaken it with 基本的, (see post below).

Some more information you could provide here: browser/OS version, any scripts installed, any third-party apps used, etc.

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Did you add a synonym each time you did these?

Well of course… although the scripts I use have never caused this before… I usually include that information, but was still in the middle of my review session and did not want to leave it hanging, so I didn’t think to type it all in/look up the version of Firefox… My mind was preoccupied with my reviews.

I use the newer version of the Reorder Script. I do believe that is the only one I have running on review pages. (And WKOF, since the new one runs on that now, I think?) The one that xMunch made originally, which rFindley has so kindly updated to still work.

Firefox 67.0.4 64bit on Windows 10 Pro (with the latest updates).

To be more specific with running scripts:


I did not for 例外。

When I got that one wrong, instead I put my hand up to the screen, covered the person radical, and said “oh yeah, that’s line/row… this is exception. Whoops.” And then i moved on…

Good question, though.

Well, hmmm. I took a look at the history for those items and the timing is right for burning them, with reviews last August or September.

That means things are good on the server side, which points to something happening with the logic for the review interface. We made some slight adjustments to some answer checking to account for numbers (like 1000), but that doesn’t apply here and those changes went live in May. We haven’t had any other reports like this, either. So…

It might hurt, but I’d say run it for a while without scripts and see if the pattern continues. I don’t think WKOF or the Reorder script would be doing anything to answer submission, but blah, blah, blah usual script disclaimer about being unable to debug while they’re on.


I could swear that the same thing happened to me today but I didn’t add any synonyms. I remember that it was for example the radical “Cage” in my case (cage, box, I can never remember which one is which). I got it wrong yesterday or today in the morning and today in the evening, it moved to burned.

I just figured that for some reason my review session from today in the morning was not saved - bad internet connection or something like that.

But I thought I’d mention it, just in case.


I’ll give that a try now. I have 6 (or more) items up for review that I’m sure are ones I’ve gotten wrong in the last couple of days…

So if any of those burn… I am certainly coming back.

(Still weird that the server didn’t receive my reviews, then… Especially since I thought I reviewed 追いかける at least one other time within the last couple of months… hmm…)


Well, all six items moved appropriately. I thought maybe I might accidentally burn 事情 which I also got wrong yesterday (and saw it for the first time in forever), but it only moved up an apprentice step. Everything else that was in the pile I have been consistently getting wrong every 2-3 reviews over the last week or so, so I didn’t expect any of them to magically burn.

Could you think of a reason why Ultimate Reorder 2 or WKOF might have held onto my items rather than pushing them to the WK server?
In case it is/was script interference?

@irrelephant, did you have any scripts running when that happened to you yesterday?

OH, and @oldbonsai, does WK not have a timestamp as to when I added that synonym? Because that would tell you when I had the review (that your server seems to have no record of…)…

Nope. The only times I’ve seen that happen are:

  1. WK servers aren’t reachable at the moment, so the results are stored in jStorage.
  2. Running my “Disable Review Submission” script… which nobody but me has. I use it for testing.
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All the scripts basically. Reorder script, Anki mode script, and at least 10 others.

I tried to load the item review history via wkof for one of the affected items but apparently the review statistics only give you information like streak, and so on, not exactly when a review happened.

That was my assumption in my case.

Hmm… thanks.
When would they push to the server (if ever) after that, if that were the case? (Mostly this question is for @oldbonsai.)
Would closing the tab or keying from /review back to just affect that? (I am 99% sure I did not close the tab I’d been reviewing in, but I am 100% positive I did leave the review page to go back to dashboard proper.


I’m also wondering…
Could it somehow be related to this: Level menu is showing 100% on a level I haven't finished ?

EDIT: Okay, after having read more of that thread… I feel like it’s likely unrelated… a change only with the item pages and not actually with the items themselves… so… huh…

It does, and it’s a while (18 hours) before the review that pushed it to burned was submitted. Adding a synonym causes a bug we know of (it kind of resets the review during the session, which is confusing), so that could explain some of it, but not all of it.

The next time you go back to reviews. The page tries to submit anything that failed to go through as its very first action (related to reviews), then goes and gets the (hopefully) updated batch of reviews.

Looking at your screenshot, do you happen to have multiple tabs of the review interface running? It shouldn’t cause any issues, but, well, it’s worth asking.

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Nope, I absolutely did not. Those are all item pages, if I mistook a kanji (or part of a vocabulary item) for another kanji… checking to see where I went wrong or looking at two things that I thought were similar. I’ve been aware about the “multiple review tabs” issue for at least a couple of years, so I am very vigilant in making sure I do not do that.

Huh… So yeah… if I knocked it down to Guru 2 (or 1? … Enl, Mast, Gur 2, Gur 1… I guess it should be Guru 1?) … it should only be Guru 2 now… (For 例外 at least.)

Too bad @irrelephant has “all the scripts” on, otherwise there might’ve been a chance to try and discover more about the issue…

I know there used to be a 1-hour timeout on the jStorage data. If that’s still true, then any half-done or unsubmitted reviews would be lost eventually.

Is it possible that this failed to happen? The extra push at the beginning?

Checking the code, it looks like it’s 2 hours for progress, and 1 hour for the content of the “last items” tab.

Update: the list of failed items also has a 1 hour time out.

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So if the next time I sat down to do reviews was >2 hours, the progress that didn’t send properly the first time would be lost, am I correct? ((EDIT: But then, where are other little items that went from Apprentice to Guru or Apprentice 2 → 3 still coming up properly, so that I can Guru them and/or send them to the next Guru level?))

I guess the next question is (because I don’t remember) how soon after the “18 hours ago” session did I do another review session? If it was within those 2 hours, then there is the problem (maybe?! Hopefully?!) - with the “push up the old information” part of your code.