That Level That Sh*t Got Real For You?


I just hit level six today. First day I considered leaving some lessons on the table to balance the review load O.O

When did others really find themselves really grinding in WaniKani? Good program.


level 19.
Went from 90% accuracy to 60% average.
New kanji, new vocab.


No reason to do all your lessons straight away. In the first wave of lessons in a new level, all that matters are the radicals and in the second wave it’s all about kanji. Use the reorder script to make sure you only get these and then balance out vocab throughout the lesson (Just make sure to do it, many horror stories exist of people ignoring vocab while using the reorder script).

I’ve always been careful with the amount of apprentice level items I have, keeping it around 150 which is manageable for me. So no problems yet, the level I’m on has been a problem but that’s cause I’ve been in and out of hospital to health issues, otherwise it has been smooth enough. Then again I also don’t care how long levels take so I can keep things easy.


That’s an interesting use of scripts. I find myself wishing I could knock out radicals first. I think I’m going to go the whole route with no scripts though. I notice accuracy drop significantly the first couple of days after a level up, but I think it’s to be expected. The SRS works well so muscling through it is sort of like an elegant brute force that I’m ok with :wink:


Please don’t let yourself fall into the idea that scripts are cheating. Yes, there’s some scripts that might have some negative aspects, but most of them are perfectly fine and can really potentiate your learning :slight_smile:


As to answer your question, level 5 was difficult to me because I did all the lessons in 1 go like I was used to in the previous levels. I’ve found the vocab from lvl 8 to be a little complicated too. I’m lvl 14 (lvl 15 tomorrow) now :slight_smile:


Agreeing here. If you use scripts smartly you can save yourself a lot of headaches, reduce burnout chances, and actually learn more efficiently.

For example: Today I would have missed burning “to give a ride” 乗せる because I was typing while talking to some one and I typed a word I was speaking. I typed in “to give a draw”. (Or you could always find quiet places to do reviews, but when you have hundred(s) come at you a day, that might not be an option.)


Definitely the level where I started encountering burnable items (around 19, I believe). After not hitting KaniWani early enough and having 500+ items in my KW review queue I switched it to burned WK items only. This resulted in a double hit of having waves of burnable items appearing in my review queue, which would then pop into KaniWani after burning them for even more reviews.

I also started reading more grammar books and branching out to making my own Anki cards recently, which have made it harder to focus quite as hard on lessons as I have in the past.


There’s one script everyone should get– the super happy burn script. It makes confetti pop out over the browser window every time you get a burn.


Same. I started burning stuff at around level 16, I think? I have 170 reviews tomorrow, which is painful just to think about, let alone accomplish. I also use KaniWani in parallel, so that’s 100+ reviews a day as well.


Nah, the しつ starts on level 6.


4 because that’s when you have to pay. And nothing is more real than shelling out money.

(but seriously it was 14 for me)


I was pretty consistent with my lessons and leveling up within ten days until about level 23-24; that’s when I started slacking on my lessons and had to take leveling breaks to catch up. Still in this habit! I’m on a long leveling break now. But it’s okay! It’s very chill with a lifetime subscription.


I think, yes, level 5 is when it hit me. My first 100 review session “What is this?” I thought

But oh boy, level 27, after that short level 26, was brutal. Kind of makes me scared of those short levels at the end.


Level 19 and on has been tough to level up for me.

So many kanji per level!


At around Level 20 the burnable items appeared, which made it a lot harder to keep up the pace of around 10 days per level. From 25 to 27 I got overwhelmed, accuracy dropped from 85% to around 60%. Now I feel kind of lost…

  1. Average level up pace went from 1 week to 2.5 or so.


You don’t need a script to do this!

On the wanikani page (aka not forum one). Click your user icon, click settings. Towards the bottom you’ll see “Set the ordering of lessons.” Just click that and click ascening level then subject. That means if you level up, it will finish stuff from last level first, and then move on to radicals, and then kanji, and then any new level vocab.


Around mid 20s when the burning madness started.


Whenever I learnt the kanji cable/rope and netting/net. Cannot for the life of me consistently get them right