I've been a bad boi

I got pissed at myself for being stuck at a level for so long for lack of motivation and proceeded to install the re-order script. Lo and behold, it worked. I started going up levels quite fast and went from about 8 or so up to 11, which where I’m standing right now.

While doing this I kinda skipt the whole "doing lessons for vocab and not only kanji and radicals. So here I’m sitting with about 400 lessons after just reaching lvl 11.

At this point I kinda understood that I should probably stop until I dig myself deeper. So for everyone out there like me that feels like taking a shortcut, don’t.

If anyone has any tips for fixing this except just not doing new kanji lessons (keeping me from getting new vocab lessons) I’m open to ideas.


Turn off the script and start doing lessons in order. So, a lot of vocabulary until you hit new kanji.
Just remember, if you do them all at once, you will review them all at once too, until the day you burn them. Which is a whole lot of work. Best to just tackle what you can per day.

I do a max of 20 a day, keeping apprentice under 100. If I go above 80, that means I have leeches, items that don’t stick as well as the rest. The self study script is useful then.
I have too much guru too, though.


Nah, I would just put it back to normal WK behavior (remove the reorder script), and let it work itself out. Don’t do lessons unless reviews are zero, keep apprentice at some achievable workload number, like 100. That will force all those new vocab through the apprentice/guru stages without having 400 reviews times 4, 8 hours, etc.


What do you think of the idea of resetting to level 8? Do you think that would make you lose even more motivation?

You could do the backlog of lessons and stop with leveling up, but that might give you the feeling of stagnation all over again, not to mention that learning vocab from 3 levels ago is tougher. You could reset and do everything right this time.


The only way to sort it is to do your vocab lessons or reset to an earlier level. If I were you, I’d do new lessons of the kanji you need and then however many vocab you think you can stomach. Keeping it so your apprentice count stays at a reasonable number (whatever is reasonable for you, for me it’s probably 130) should prevent burnout.

400 is quite a lot though, so it’ll take a hell of a long time to do it that way. You could just take a week off from kanji lessons and power through. Think of it as a week-long detention for disobeying the crabigator. Also, 400 vocab at level 11 means you haven’t been learning any vocab in a while, only kanji? So your current average review count should be quite low compared to what it will become. Be prepared for like 200 reviews a day.

Generally, I reorder to learn the kanji first, then do 10 new vocab a day or so, depending on how many I have to learn before the next level and how easy they were to learn (but I’m not strict about it). It’s good that you haven’t dug yourself deeper, and as motivation for not giving up, decide on a reward for when you finally get a lesson count of 0.

Edited to say: try and get your reviews to 0 every single day! That is not something you want to start piling up!


y-yes very bad of you


Continue using Reorder, but set the priority to Level instead of Type. That will force you to finish your reviews from prior-level vocab before doing reviews for current-level kanji & radicals.

The nice thing about that solution is that it’s “Set it and forget it”. Any time you level-up, it will force you to do your prior-level vocab first, and when that’s done, it will automatically prioritize radicals and vocab on the current level so you can still level up at a good speed.


I just used reorder for reviews rather than lessons. It gets kind of dangerous when you leave all those vocabs behind. They stack up, and don’t help with reinforcing those good good kanji.

You could also aspire to get 0/0 every level, and then you’ll be fine too :wink:

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Isn’t this also a basic lesson setting in WK itself?


I think so, though I haven’t had lessons in a long time.
With the Reorder script, you also get the Reviews in that order. I personally think it would be nice to have a second setting in the WK native settings that applied to reviews, too.

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While doing this I kinda skipped the whole "doing lessons for vocab and not only kanji and radicals. So here I’m sitting with about 400 lessons after just reaching lvl 11.

Don’t worry be happy. :grinning:


You’ve been gnomed.

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Thanks everyone for the responses! I’ll do my best to get this wreck back on track.

Cya in like, a year and a half, or longer…


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