Seemingly correct answers being marked wrong

I’m probably be stupid but I have noticed a few examples where I enter what I think is correct to have it marked wrong and then it show me what looks to be the same answer. This is very annoying since I doesn’t allow me to go further unless I copy paste what it tells me is correct when it orignally tells me it is wrong. This has happend with a few different examples not just the one linked below.

Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

It’s because 十 isn’t 「じゆう」 but 「じゅう」

You need to type juu not jiyuu

For extended kana you need to type them:

kya kyu kyo
gya gyu gyo
sha shu sho
ja ju jo
cha chu cho
hya hyu hyo
bya byu byo
pya pyu pyo
nya nyu nyo
mya myu myo
rya ryu ryo


Thank you both very much :slight_smile:


Hey @YoloMcSwaggins your not stupid I had the same exact problem when I first started. I got tired of copying and pasting so I sent a text to the little help thing in the corner and they told me I was having a problem with small characters. They are hard to spot a first, but you’ll get used to it. Here are some examples:
Just like zyoeru said you need to type the combinations like kya cha and sho but If you can’t memorize or can’t type something you can put an l or an x in front of it too.
xya= ゃ lya= ゃ xtsu= っ :grinning:


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