Kanji quiz erroneously giving incorrect response

Sometimes when I’m being quizzes on the reading for Kanji, I get a very frustrating error that I have it wrong, when I can’t see any difference between the correct answer and my own. I have tried using both the iOS hiragana keyboard and the built-in phonetic input in WK.

This seems to happen every time I have to write ゆ, though possibly also with よ.

image image image

You are mixing up your big や, ゆ, and よ with the necessary small ゃ, ゅ, and ょ in those words.

じゅう is jyuu or juu, not jiyuu.

As an aside, jiyuu, making じゆう with a big ゆ, is an entirely different word, meaning freedom.

The pronunciation of all of these is different based on this size as well.


juu → じゅう
jiyuu → じゆう

ryoku → りょく
riyoku → りよく

nyuu → にゅう
niyuu → にゆう


I wonder if it would be worth it to automatically pop up with a link to that user guide article every once in a while when someone enters those misspellings. It seems like that would be pretty easy to detect.


Thanks for the replies and the useful link. That makes sense.

Now if only WK actually taught this :man_shrugging:t2:

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To be fair, WK is a kanji learning site, not a kana learning site.


Well, I think they do recommend studying hiragana and katakana before starting.


It kinda does in the FAQ, but it’s easy to skip over if you’re not specifically searching for it :


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