Newb question - wrong answer actually correct?

Quiz is repeatedly indicating that my answer is wrong, when it appears to be correct. Here are a couple of screenshots of what’s happening:

What am I doing wrong?

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If you look closely, the correct answers are じゅう and にゅう with small ゅ, and you entered じゆう and にゆう with big ゆ!

They’re pronounced differently: じゅう is “juu” while じゆう is “jiyuu”. Same with にゅう “nyuu” and にゆう “niyuu”.

So basically, you need to enter “juu” and “nyuu” and you’ll be fine!

EDIT: here’s a link to the relevant section of the faq!


People are keep stumbling on the small kana. WK team should’ve made a pop-up message on this mistake long ago…


Yeah it’s like two new threads a week now o_o.

@space_parm welcome to the forum!

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Exactly, and besides WK already has a system to warn you about wrong answers, for example when expecting kun-yomi instead of on-yomi. I imagine it could be re-used for this during the first 3 levels and then disabled.


Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer. I noticed that the sizes looked a little different, but I then I thought “nah”, there aren’t cases in Hiragana. Lots to learn!


Trying to learn kanji before grasping kana


I would advise thinking more of it as a modification of the previous kana rather than being lowercase, because its true there are no cases as you correctly thought.
ゆ/や/よ can do this. つ has a similar function only it modifies the following kana in a different way.
As others stated, you should probably familiarize yourself a little more with the kana system. can drill you on this for free for both hiragana and katakana

Honestly. This would save people a lot of headache. I think there was a similar thread just last week.

Tae Kim’s Guide is one place you can read up one it. (Specifically under the header “The Small 「や」、「ゆ」、and 「よ」”).

But to sum it up, basically you take the consonant from the big letter and the vowel from the small one.

じ+ゅ = j(i)+(y)u = ju

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