Sect name... in Japanese!

So I just came across sect in my reviews and I always had trouble remembering the meaning of that kanji and then made the connection with sect names! I wish I had made a mnemonic for that as I would’ve remembered it much more easily.

Anyway that got me curious and I looked up sect name on Jisho and was disappointed it didn’t have a word…

派名 perhaps?

I’m kinda surprised the :crabigator: didn’t make the mnemonic about sect names or the example sentence but I guess if there isn’t a vocab word that uses it, it makes sense.

Just thought I’d share that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or is there a word that would get the meaning across? Curious…

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What’s a sect name? : P


I suppose it would be 名の派, no?

Wouldn’t it rather be 派の名?
Isn’t N1のN2 supposed to be N1’s N2 ?
Btw, isn’t talking about sect name a tiny bit dangerous ?


I got my sect name by titling a post “Sect name” so

Obviously they’re still there?

What’s the “sect name” you are looking for, anyway? I mean, what is your “sect name” supposed to mean in English.

Originally, before my time with WK, there were houses (like in Harry Potter!) rather than sect names.
But I think because of Crabigatorism, the the sects were born.

I was thinking maybe 派閥名? (since 派閥 means faction?)

Are you serious? There were HOUSES?!!?!?!?! That’s so cool.

I joined in 2015, so I wouldn’t know. OMG.

Also yeah, that makes the most sense as a Japanese thing. Although since it’s not an existing word, it’d probably need "の”, right?

How do people add a name next to their username? Like AnimeCanuck has. I looked all around the settings and don’t see a place

Didn’t you already learn the kanji for sect? 派

This is a closely guarded secret. Only the mighty Crabigator knows.

I know that sect names can’t be chosen… but isn’t the grey word just a custom subtitle you can add?

Sect names were imported into that slot during the move. It wouldn’t make much sense to be able to add one yourself.

In new Discourse forum, this is called “title” and is only given on special occasions. The only two that are given in a batch are “High Touch” and “durtle loyalist”. The rest are only given if you draw attention from the admin (and AFAIK, comes from the old forum).

I can choose to show or not to show “title” in Preferences.

Of course I know, but I want to think of vocab in context. Unless, the mighty crabigator has already coined an official Japanese word for sect name.

派の名 might indeed be OK.

Weren’t you asking “what does sect name even mean in English?”

Has anyone received a 手作り sect name since the switch?

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