Secondary Test: Closing topics one year after final reply

Just wondering if this is forum-wide or relegated to the Campfire only.

Hrmm… we’ll see.

EDIT: First test.

Hrmm… and so it’s true.

I’m not a fan. The WK community likes necromancy. In fact, before the move, it was encouraged over starting a new thread about the same topic.

How about you guys? How do you feel about this?

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Well, it’s always good to see an old thread brought back to life… However, I’m sure that the great Crabigator wouldn’t have imposed such drastic measures unless he really had good reasons to do so…

I assume it’s to preserve the privacy of those who become inactive. It seemed to be quite important to some during the move

So we’ll just have to make sure we revive every thread we love yearly.
\( ̄▽ ̄)/

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I don’t think so. They would then need to remove the threads in the archives too, otherwise they are implying the privacy of those people are unimportant to them.

Hmm… True. I could see that.

That’s a positive reason, actually… Thanks for giving me a different perspective.

(I was feeling it was coming from a place of fear of controversial topics and drama. Or something like that.)

Well, we can still see locked/archived threads. The archived ones are non SEO… It makes me wonder if newly locked threads that we can no longer post in also become archived in this way (and therefore private and non SEO).

Hmm… maybe.

They are going to close my threads? :confused:

Would you be able to edit or unlock your own threads? Lord knows i have a bunch of scripts that get updated once in a while or feedback on an old script that has since broken. Will this still be possible?

Old threads made from before today don’t seem to be affected…

I have no idea.
Perhaps the API section is untouched?

Sounds like a question for Kristen or Viet… Or like a third test is required…

Forever lost to obscurity.

I hope not… : /

I don’t exactly understand?

Also what counts as the final reply?

The last post.

So right now, this one. If no one ever posts a response again.

Before I responded to you, it was that one.

Apparently, you can edit your own posts within locked threads.

I have done it, much to Viet’s annoyance. ^^;

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Anything that’s not explicitly forbidden is allowed.

My old threads are immortal! Mwahahaha!