Closed thread

@charl0 if that is you who has been trying to post a reply in your mnemonics post for the last 20 mins, it was closed 20 minutes ago.

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You can see who’s replying by hovering the avatar

I tried, nothing was coming up - and as this is my first ever post, I don’t know how to or even if I can delete the whole thing…?

I’m glad this appeared.

I just wanted to voice that I too find all this PC generation stuff quite annoying. Mentioning anyone is not racist. No mnemonics condone what was done by any individuals or groups. Once this censorship starts it won’t stop anywhere. Jesus, Stalin, and I’m sure a few more would qualify as offensive too.


That was NOT why I made this post.


Nah, you can’t delete topics as far as I am aware. Leaving it isn’t a problem though

I know :slight_smile:

Hi @CyrusS - I’d be happy for this thread to be closed, too - I did not mean to re-route that thread :disappointed_relieved:


This thread was to let charl0 know the other one was locked, in case they hadn’t noticed, which has been accomplished by the @. No need for further conversation here.