Searching Jisho for common words not on WaniKani?

Jisho’s search has tags for things like common words, and if a word appears on WaniKani, that information will be there on Jisho, along with what level you learn it at. But I can’t seem to find a way exclude those words from searches, since WaniKani doesn’t seem to have a tag on Jisho.

Basically, is there a way to search Jisho only for words that aren’t on WaniKani?

Edit: I’d like this so I can search for new words without having to go through several pages of words that I’ll learn through WK.

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You can add #common to the search to restrict it to only common results. Works as a stand alone term too

Oho! This is beyond my knowledge. Let me search…

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Does this help?

This seems to only be returning words related to baseball, a lot of which do seem to be on WK after skimming the first page.

Dang, you’re right. It’s quite the opposite.

This has a list of “all” tags, but it doesn’t include #common, so maybe not. The closest I see to what you want is #rare, but I doubt that’s actually the inverse of #common. I also don’t see a way to include or exclude WaniKani results.

Yeah, it seems like there’s no way to really do this unfortunately. Thanks for the help nonetheless.

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