Common vocabulary using wanikani kanji not on Wanikani

I absolutely love WaniKani for what it is, a tool to learn new kanji. However, it is becoming increasingly frustrating to see kanji I am familiar with but combined in a vocabulary term I don’t know. Yes I can infer the reading and meaning, but I want to increase my vocab further (which I’m aware is not the goal of wanikani)

I have been living in Japan for two months now so I am exposed to a lot of kanji and this type of situation comes up.
Something as simple as 改札口 is pretty crucial to Japanese life but isn’t on wanikani (I think, and if it is I can definitely come up with other better examples)

Anyway I want to work on a project that identifies common uses/vocab for the wanikani kanji that are not currently on wanikani. If it’s successful I can share it if there is any interest.

I recall a website where I can type in a kanji and it returns possible suggestions based on usage frequency in text. The idea would be to scrape that info and compare it to the vocab available on wanikani.

Anyone know what that website is or have any other resource suggestsions?


Other people have had similar ideas before. I know that BreadstickNinja made a WaniKani Expansion Pack a good while ago. I think that one used the “common vocab”-tag on Jisho to compile its list?
There might be others that are close enough to what you imagined to save yourself some time :person_shrugging:


Thank you! This expansion pack is pretty much exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. No point in reinventing the wheel… praise BreadstickNinja and thank you Panda for showing me the way.