List of Common Vocab that don't Use Kanji?


I’ve been using wanikani for a while and have started learning some grammar and would like to begin reading japanese material. Something I’ve come to realize is that wanikani does not really teach any vocabulary which doesn’t use kanji (which makes sense.) Does anybody know of somewhere where I could find a list of some of the more common words of this variety? I know some, like それ, これ, でも, and so forth, but I’m probably missing a lot of them, and would like to memorize their meanings.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

The “usually written using kana alone” tag at Jisho will get you a lot of them (that tag alone brings up over 8000 results).

You could narrow it with tags for parts of speech or JLPT levels, etc.

Unfortunately, that will only list things that have kanji but typically don’t use the kanji (which includes それ and これ, or should I say 其れ and 此れ).

It won’t get you anything that legitimately has no kanji at all. The tag that should do that, exclusively kana, doesn’t pull any results for whatever reason.

Some categories of words that often don’t have kanji are many loanwords and onomatopoeic words.


This is a nice list of “Kana-only” words that I found a while back on the WK forums only:

I think it’s good enough for starters.


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