Common Word Tag Script

I understand WaniKani is not meant to teach you day to day vocabulary, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if some of the vocab words are commonly used words or not.

Does anyone know if there’s a script that quickly searches the vocab on Jisho and confirms whether or not its a common word?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, I’ve not used it myself, but I believe this script does what you’re looking for:

It seems to show both JLPT level and whether it’s common, pulled from Jisho.


That is exactly it! Thank you very much!

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This script only shows JLPT level but there is another one that shows whether it’s common. Sorry I can’t search the exact name right now but it’s WaniKani Common Word Indicator or something.

Ah, I see - the screenshots in your post have your script matching the design of the common word one with such aesthetic duality that I thought it was the same script, hehe.

I think you mean this one?

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Erm, well… that’s called Copy & Paste :joy_cat:

And yes, that’s the one I was referring to, thanks for finding it!

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