[Userscript] Wanikani Common Vocab Indicator - Updated

Uses Jisho.org to indicate if the vocabulary item is “common” or not

Install from GreasyFork:

Installation note: Since it uses Jisho.org, you may be prompted by your user-script manager to allow the script to access Jisho.org to retrieve the is common data. Please click on “always allow from this domain” for Jisho.org when prompted.

Based on the original script by Dtwigs: New User Script: Common Vocabulary Indicator

Changes: I wanted to make some changes to the script and update it a little bit. It is largely the same script as before but:

  1. Move indicator to the right side
  2. Hide indicator when it is not a common word
  3. Add cache to reduce calls to the Jisho API

You can find the code on my GitHub

Development: I’m going to leave this script in “maintenance” mode. There’s no further development or major features that I will contribute to it other than fixing bugs. Please feel free to message me in this thread or send a pull request/issue on this project’s GitHub.

In the previous thread, there was some interest in tying in other sources for the “common” indication (e.g. google search data). I leave it to the community to experiment with that. Hopefully this script may serve as a useful springboard.