Any advice for me?_/O_+\_

Hey guys can you give me advice about how to review the lessons I learned? Unfortunately for me I can’t pay for subscriptions in my country(Because of sanctions). So I use “wanikani” as a dictionary and write everything in each level down in 3 three note books( one for radicals, one for kanjis and one for vocab.words). I created flash cards on my own it’s a good way but I need a better way so I was hoping if you can give me advice about how to review my lessons in a better way than flashcards. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, the only way I know that is better than flashcards - is to start reading.


are great free reading resources. At first it would be hard, but the more you read - the better you would keep becoming.
Anyway, best of luck with your studies!


Could you make an Anki deck using the vocab, with the Anki deck you can review in a similar way to WaniKani.


Yeah if you really like how Wanikani teach you. You can just use Anki as a tool for review and wanikani as dictionary and resource for mnemonic

I think if you are discipline enough it almost like you are using WaniKani.


I don’t think so reading is kinda next level I don’t have any pronunciation problem my problem is reviewing. When I was learning English I always reviewed my lessons by making some flash
cards then my mother asked me the meaning and pronunciation and now she isn’t here if she was she could ask me

Here is one of my flashcards


Instead of Anki you can also try Torii which has an option to go by Wanikani levels


So, on a tangential note, it may be too much information right now, but when handwritten, 人 looks more like this:

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Yeah, for a moment I thought it was 入口 because the right side of 人 doesn’t connect at the top of the left side in handwriting, while the right side of 入 does.

As a general note, it’s a good idea to find a resource with handwritten examples if you want to practice handwriting. Typical printed fonts have little details that don’t appear in handwriting.


Oh I didn’t know then I must try to write in hand write fonts tnx

I downloaded the app now I can do reviews with torii and I don’t need subscription anymore Man I’m really thankful yo da best


For Handwriting/stroke order I can recommend you an app called Kanji Study (it has a grey app icon with black font on top). You can’t practice writing inside but it shows you the stroke order and how it’s written (aside from it being a helpful vocabulary resource).

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Okeh tnx good advice

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