Has something changed? All the scripts I use are broken

I’ve tried to update them, doesn’t seem to fix anything.

Try installing this first:

Which I already have installed.

I can’t help, but it might be useful for others to know:

  • which browser you’re using
  • which script manager you’re using
  • which scripts you’re using
  • when they stopped working

My only idea would be to turn all of your scripts off, then turn them back on one by one to see if it’s a particular one causing problems.

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You’re right, I think that Greasemonkey should not be used any more. Try Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey.


I’m using violentmonkey on firefox 64.0.2

i typically use “open framework” + “ultimate timeline” & “lesson cap”

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To rule out Firefox as the trouble maker, try installing the same scripts on Chrome.

This is what i get from ultimate timeline by the way.

I also tried to turn off all my addons excepted violentmonkey and the scripts, no change.

The last big change on our end was the content overhaul a couple months ago, but nothing that should affect scripts across the board since then. :thinking:

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Hit F12, select console tab, refresh. Any error messages?

Failure to load element « https://js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-1118.min.js ».

InvalidStateError: An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable

Hmm, looks like newrelic is used by WaniKani itself. Not used by Open Framework nor Ultimate Timeline. Not sure what the wanikani.com/:444 would be.
I get the newrelic error as well, so that’s unrelated. But @viet, seems like your analytics might be broken.

Open Framework is still in Grease/Tamper/Violentmonkey as the first script? Needs to load before scripts that call it to work. I assume it must be, since you say the scripts were working before.

@rfindley Any ideas?

I don’t think New Relic is the culprit. That error has been around for a while, I think.

I think I’d try clearing the indexedDb. It seems to be a somewhat common source of problems on Firefox. The Open Framework uses it, and will not work if there’s a problem.

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Oh I’m sure its not the culprit here. I get the error, but Ultimate Timeline (and everything else) works just fine. Just pointing it out. Though, sounds like its already known.

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Turns out that was it, clearing the indexeddb for wanikani solved it… i think.
Lesson limiter still seem a little loopy (infinite lessons available) but that might fix itself up tomorrow when i do my lessons.

Lesson limiter fixed itself after one review session!

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