Scripts bogging down browser's response time

I’ve been using 24 scripts at the same time with no problems until now. Opening wk and trying to scroll or click on anything results in the browser freezing up for around 20 seconds before I can interact again. I turned off all my scripts and the site works fine but turning on 9 causes it to crash again. Turning on script compatibility mode doesn’t help either. I don’t have the patience to run through every script so I was wondering, does anyone else have this issue? And if no, is there anything I can do about this other than turning on scripts only when I want to use them?

By the way, I’m using wk on most recent update of chrome.

The scripts that I used to use before this issue are (the ones in white are what’s currently on):

I used to have way more than that and nothing ever lagged. I used firefox tho, maybe give it a try!

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It would be helpful if you could include your userscript runner (so eg. Tampermonkey), and anything you remember doing before the lag started

My userscript runner is Tampermonkey but the only thing I remember doing before the lag was maybe a Windows 11 or Chrome update and possibly adding Reorder Omega. Though it was working fine before the lag and I’ve determined it’s not the cause of the lag. I’ve been having this issue for about a month but I just haven’t been using my PC for WK as much lately.

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Thanks, using firefox worked! All my scripts are running fine without lag, but I’m still going to try and figure out how to fix the lag on chrome.


I once got a lot of flac for saying firefox is better than chrome in the forums.
Like bruh. I speak the truth :joy: