Script/feature request: load balancing for reviews

Love the Wakitani SRS! Yet, due to the simplicity of the algorithm (and my erratic performance) the number of reviews per day varies greatly from day to day.

It would be helpful if the reviews were load balanced, by delaying some non-critical reviews by 1 or 2 days (which shouldn’t effect memory).

Of course, I naturally do more lessons on days with less reviews, thus creating more review imbalances later.

Also if I have a great day, and catch up on missed reviews, this creates a wave of high-review days behind it (at SRS intervals). This is why binging my reviews always bites me later.

Dunno about a specific script for that, but you could always use the reorder script to sort by type and/or SRS stage and then only do the ones that are critical, then later come back and complete the rest on a schedule that works for you.

And yeah, binging reviews in mass amounts (over 150 at a time) is not something I’d recommend

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Have you considered the Prioritize overdue Items script? It will let you do the most critical review first and you could terminate your session early using the clock button to save some reviews for the next one or two days.


Thanks @bigem & @prouleau - Been trying both of those approaches, and they do work pretty well, if I proceed with caution.

The downside with these approaches is that the review items I de-prioritize tend to get delayed over and over.

Was dreaming of something more automated & fool-proof, perhaps baked-in to Wanikani (wishful thinking)

Items that keep being delayed will become overdue and prioritized by the Prioritize Overdue Items script. So you have some safety built-in there.


I have been working on a script that makes you do your reviews in batches. I’ve been really enjoying that for load balancing


Looking forward to seeing your script when it’s ready :slight_smile:

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