[Feature Request] Setting to spread reviews out evenly through a specified part of the day, and not at night

First, I’ve searched for someone already suggesting this, but maybe I’ve searched for the wrong thing, it seems like it would be something someone had suggested.


I find I get up at 8am to find ~100 reviews out of the ~160 I have for the day, then feel like I have to smash then out because I feel that huge number is weighing on me all day until I get it out the way, and to get them out of the way before I start work, and then when I want it to be the end of my day, I’ve still got them trickling in until 11pm.

For a while I was turning on vacation mode at the time I went to sleep to the morning, but then my SRS was being damaged, I’d have too few to review in the morning, and not get a full days worth of reviews for the day.


Firstly, this is not like vacation mode, it would not affect your SRS any more than not doing reviews in the night and deliberately rationing yourself already does.

The idea would be that, for example, you could tell wanikani in your account preferences, turn on this feature, and set that I want reviews between certain hours.

:ballot_box_with_check: spread my reviews evenly over my selected hours.
start time: 9am
end time: 6pm

So on a day where you have 100 reviews it would give you 12 reviews every hour from 9am onwards - 100/9 rounded up, and the remaining 4 in the last hour, and you’d be done for day.

On a day when you have 160 reviews you’d get 18 per hour - 160/9 rounded up, and 16 in the last hour.

When they would come in the day is in the order of what’s due earliest. Ones that would have fallen after the end time because of when you did lessons or reviews would fall to the next day, maybe it would mention this in the settings so people are bought into the idea when they use the feature.

So the idea is that the load would be spread evenly throughout the day, and be a good few minutes break from work each hour, or whatever’s not done by lunch time it would still not be a huge load all at once.

From what I’m understanding here, this is less of an issue with the SRS system itself and more an issue with the psychological effect of having a review count that high?

Your best bet might be something very simple like using a script to obfuscate the number of reviews you have left at any on time. This exact situation was why @Naphthalene created the Lessons/Reviews as Catagories script. That could easily be modified to just say ‘none’ and ‘some’. Yes, that would then require restraint and for you to plan for yourself when to do the reviews, but you wouldn’t have the psychological effect of seeing a large stack on your dashboard.

That said, the solution for you might just be timing, since WK’s SRS intervals actually work quite nicely into a regular day and leave you without reviews coming in in the night. I think @jprspereira does a good job explaining how to set a schedule for yourself:


I’ll check out that scripts. Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Half tongue in cheek, if I didn’t have to work and didn’t have two small children that would probably work really well! :slight_smile:

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Yes (no tongue in cheek) I grant you that any solution must fit around your daily life and the age of your children certainly comes into play. When my 3 year old has left for nursery, I do my lessons before I start work for the day, so that I have the reviews come in at lunch time and then after I’ve put my son to bed.

On the weekend, when he’s at home all the time, I do my lessons after breakfast, so I can do my reviews while he’s eating lunch and then, like the week days, final reviews after he’s gone to sleep.

This ‘solution’ only works if you use the ‘Flaming Durtles’ app for Wani Kani - but if you do, just start doing reviews, and then part way through select ‘wrap up session’ - and it will just finish the reviews you’ve half-answered (answered either reading or meaning, but not both).

This makes it quite easy to just do a handful of reviews when you get a moment, rather than having to sit down to do ~60 in a single hit.

Not sure if the website offers a similar ‘wrapup’ function, as I don’t use it for reviews :slight_smile:

It does, it’s the small clock icon on the bottom left. Though it functions differently; in their words “it will let you finish the next 10 reviews and then free you from the rest.”

Likewise, most apps have integrated this feature in different ways, so you’re set whether you’re on Android, iOS, or in a browser.

You described my WaniKani life perfectly!!!

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