Review schedule vs daily life schedule

Hi everyone,

I have an issue based on the difference between my normal life and the schedule I had during the lockdown.

My “pandemic” days normally went like this: I did a small amount of reviews in the morning at 8 am, then learned some new things (max 20). Most of the time, only the new things came up at noon (and sometimes some other stuff that I failed earlier), and at the end of the day at 8 pm there was a massive amount of reviews (80-100+ items depending on the day) - and this was intentional, as I have the amount of time I need for a review pile this huge only in the evenings

The problem is that now I have the opportunity to do sports again and sometimes I just cant make it back to my pc by 8. If this happens, and I can’t do the reviews before 9pm, the next days are messed up because reviews come up at 9, or 10 am, based on when I could get to them the day before.

If I mess up my wanikani schedule, the reviews will slowly shift, and if there are more than 30 in the morning or at lunchtime, I simply won’t be able to keep up with them, as I’m in the office during that time of the day and my work is not something you can call plannable - if I have a meeting or something that needs my attention comes up, I have to be there.

Do you know of any userscript, that can help with a situation like this? Is there a way to keep my 8am 12pm 8pm schedule even if sometimes life marches in in the form of a protracted voleyball training? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your answers!

Honestly - I would use a script to reorder my reviews by SRS interval, to make sure I’m getting the ones that are still at Apprentice 1/2 at the morning and noon sessions, put a cap on the number of reviews I’m going to be doing then by using the wrap-up button (or setting a max number of reviews per session if you use one of the apps), and just get through what I can get through. The items on the higher SRS intervals can probably handle just waiting until the evening session. That should re-align your SRS intervals (more or less).

You might need to revisit that strategy if you found your apprentice items were piling up more than usual or something, but as long as you do get things cleared at night, even if it’s later than usual, things should more or less work out.


I just realized lesson filter hinder my level up and got me over 200 reviews even keeping apprentice level below 100.

I thought it would be faster to level up using it, but no, last 3 levels (when started using it) it took me around 15 days instead of usually 9 days.

For level 30, didnt use it at all and even keeping my apprentice below 90 and still leveled up after 9 days. And my percentage error in workloadgraph got a decrease.

So, as people here usually say: just let SRS do its thing.

i’d second reordering by srs level. that has freed me from the quite rigid schedule which WK otherwise can impose.

with that, i will always get the items which are now or which i’m struggling with, even if i don’t have time to do 100+ reviews. and for an item at guru2, it won’t matter much whether i review it after 14 or 16 days.

there is a caveat, with sorting by srs level there is a risk of higher-level items piling up. that is okay for a while, as long as you can regularly work your way all the way to those reviews. but if it happens too much, it’s can become a major problem.