Long hiatus

It’s been about three years since I was consistent with Wanikani but I want to get back on the grind. I won’t go into the details but I have over 1400 reviews. I had it much higher than that before my current level so I think maybe I could do it but the problem is I’m sure I have forgotten a lot due to the hiatus. Should I reset my level? What to? I don’t really want to start over. I have a timer script and idk button script so maybe I could do the reviews in decent time. I’m more concerned about the vocabulary since I have all the Wanikani kanji organized by level in another app I can use, so that would help me learn them again.
I am wondering if there is a script to change my burned items or even my high stage enlightened items(currently over 1400 burned) down to Enlightened or Master(or a specific tier). If it is possible what stage do you recommend? I don’t want to fully reset them since they are burned for a reason and doing so will give me a lot of frequent reviews at once. I know there is a burn review script and I have it but it doesn’t add to the regular reviews and is just optional. Any advice? If any of you took a long time off what did you do when you came back and do you think what you did was the best option? I never used vacation mode in Wanikani btw.


Welcome back :crabigator:


I think the best option is to forget the number of reviews you have. Just ignore it and do as many reviews as you feel like, but do it every day. At first you’ll get like 40-60% each time, but don’t sweat that either. Getting them wrong and wrong and wrong eventually turns into knowing them perfectly again. All that matters is trying not to stress about it (This is something you’re doing because you enjoy it, yeah?) and being persistent.


100% reset to 1. Clearing the 1800 isnt the issue. You’re going to be torturing yourself for more than 18 weeks trying to relearn everything at once. You will remember a few items and they will advance, but you will just end up with 1500 apprentice items and 1500 reviews every day.

Maybe you could reset to 10 and see how it goes. If its too tough then back to 1.


Yeah I actually looked forward to doing reviews when I was consistent but maybe it will be worth grinding them out. It will be a pain but it is worth a shot and if I don’t do them all at once I might not end up with a ton of low level reviews. I also have some lessons but I’m going to put those off until my reviews are done. Maybe I will reset if doing this doesn’t work out after a while but I think could work. I’m just worried about the burned items.
Should I do the burn reviews too? I don’t think there is a limit to the burn reviews so it makes it hard to tell how many I should do.

Being only level 18 I recommend looking at resetting to level 1. Or if you’re confident in those early levels reset to the one with the most burned, because like others said, the idea of playing “catchup” with your memory is not really possible. I reset mine to 10 because everything before that I had run into so frequently I didn’t worry I was going to need to relearn them. Anyways goodluck!

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As someone who just came back as well, I debated resetting or not. Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you want to reset, do it. If, like me, you are fine with batting at a 20% on your reviews and grinding it out, then don’t reset.

I plan to reset after I finish level 60 and do it all over again. I may just be crazy though.

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How about doing the burn review script and then for every one you don’t remember, reset it individually, one by one? There are probably a lot in there that are actually burned and no need for a reset.


I was around your level too, was off wanikani for years, and then reset back to level 1. Although everything I’m reviewing right now is a little too easy, I don’t regret it. I feel that the mnemonics have at least become stronger. Plus, they’ve added a few new vocab terms since then. Not saying you should do the same, just giving you my perspective.

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Look at Levels+ and see where the burned items trickle off if you don’t want to reset completely. That’s how I decided to reset from 28 → 22; lost very few burns & I can resurrect stuff from old levels if I want to by userscripts to review all burned items for level X

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I also want to reset at 60 after I get to a certain level of proficiency on all the items. I think it’s good to keep refreshing your memory.

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That certainly is an option. I guess it shouldn’t be too bad since I can go through them faster than I can burn them. I just need to work through them. Resetting would be easier to get back into but I think I want to try working harder so I can progress with my Japanese sooner. I can see how that might be seen as not ideal but Wanikani’s srs can help a lot.

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I totally understand your point but doesn’t it add the new vocab to your lessons automatically?

Yes, that’s correct. I didn’t do any new lessons before I reset, so I didn’t encounter them until I unlocked them the normal way. Like 山びこ I guess my memory is still good if I can notice what words weren’t originally there when I first went through the levels, lol

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I’d scroll through the pages for the individual levels. If you feel like you remember 75% or more of a material in the level, don’t redo it. The last 25% you will either get refreshed on in later vocab words or when seeing them in the wild if they’re actually worth knowing. That’s my two cents. I reset too low once, not worth it. That said, I’d still encourage a small reset.


Probably not the answer you want to hear but i’d definitely reset at that point. It’s been three years. As someone else who had to reset after a long break i can say with confidence that in that time you will have forgotten pretty much everything that hasn’t been already been burned.

Odd’s are it’ll be more efficient to go through the levels again compared to beating your head against a brick wall trying to learn everything at once, doing that is just a recipe for a burnout.

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The good news is that there is a script available, it’s called “Burn Manager”.

The bad news? You will have a terrible and painful time going through all of those resurrected items + current review queue after a 3 years absence. Especially if you haven’t kept immersing yourself with Japanese outside of WaniKani (reading, etc.).

I did it myself after 2 years of absence and was at level 48. After resurrecting all my burned items and the current review queue, I had more than 5,000 reviews! I kept at it almost on a daily basis for several months. I was starting to hate Japanese and the SRS system wasn’t working going through that big pile. There is another person in the forums going through 6,000+ reviews at level 46 and honestly after basically a year, the person is 2 threads in and halfway done. Meanwhile, other people finish all 60 levels within the same timeframe. Definitely not worth it.

Just go for the reset.


What on Earth? You should have definitely reburned them all immediately and/or reset - that’s totally unmanageable. One level at a time…