Script for words usually written in kana?

It has become clear that some of the vocab is usually written with just kana. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like WaniKani mentions this at all. I swear I remember reading once in the explanation of the vocab, that it mentioned it is usually just written in kana. Maybe I didn’t, but either way, it was only that one time. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why it would be useful to know the kanji in case it gets used, but it would be nice to know the words that will usually appear in kana.

I remember coming across a word and not knowing the meaning at all, but then I looked it up and realized I actually had learned it, I just didn’t recognize it as hiragana.

Anyways, I was just curious if there was any script that would tell you if a word is usually written in kana, or if there is like a study script that will sometimes put those words in hiragana? I didn’t see anything when searching, so maybe I’m out of luck, but I figured I’d ask.


You can look it up on, it usually shows if a word is usually written in kana


This script mentions that the additional info it provides also mentions if an item is usually written in kana:

It looks like it had some issues loading, so another user was kind enough to tweak it to get it to work again, so this is probably the version you should install if you’re interested:


Thanks, this should do the trick! As for the actual ‘part of speech’ thing though, doesn’t WaniKani already provide that? I know the script is pretty old so maybe it used to not be that way?

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Yeah part of speech used to not be included, but luckily that changed :durtle_the_explorer:

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I would note, being able to recognize words with only kana is a separate skill that you’ll probably have to train for in some way. I noticed this earlier on as well and noted to myself that it is possible to become too reliant on kanji. This is especially true for speech. (As there is no kanji when you use lips and your vocal cords… bummer…)

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I can relate to this. I actually sat in on a japanese class after reaching wanikani level 14 (this was a year ago). I knew kinda what people were talking about, but I had to mentally first turn their syllables into kanji, then turn that kanji into meanings! It was pretty clunky, but funny and cool.

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I still find the additional info helpful. It gives you additional definitions of the words too. Basically it’s (almost) like a proper dictionary entry instead of the few things WK tells you about a word.

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i literally just experienced this, i just learned 役に立つ but my teacher wrote it as やくに立つ and i had to google it cause my brain felt like it was familiar, but i couldnt immediately recognize what it was :cold_sweat:

I guess the only thing that sucks about the script is that it only shows it on the lessons page. Like, if I go look at previous vocab that I already learned, it does not show the info from the script. Might have to just look up those things manually if I need to, but it will be helpful going forwards. Really wish there was a way to get these scripts on mobile iOS, cause I tend to do a lot of lessons on the go. Oh well.

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