Confused? Normal hiragana Vocabulary

Im kinda confused, since last level (or level 5?) am I getting normal basic vocabulary out of nowhere.
Eg. I did all my recent lessons and without doing any reviews I am getting 1 new lesson for すみません.
Why is it included how many vocabs are there?


You can see them all here

It’s a new update that was recently added :slight_smile:


They should stop polluting my lessons with this steaming pile of bogus words ASAP NOW. I won’t recommend Wanikani to anyone anymore if this absolute baloney savantry doesn’t stop.


Boi, isnt that a bit harsh?

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I do not dislike the idea, but it still seems not fully fleshed out and the vocab is veeeery basic.


It’s tragic indeed… there have been many changes lately which haven’t been very enthusiastically accepted by the community. But hopefully things will settle down and be for the best.

No, it is actually pretty justified. They are actively wasting time of users on a paid service, disregarding their learning level and wishes.


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