Script Abusers Anonymous


Your post really is read like a thriller though. :slight_smile: It’s really great that you managed to overcome substance script abuse and climbed all the way.


Hi, my name is Rex and I’m a script abuser.

You want me to share on my first day? Ouch, that’s kind of harsh, but okay, here’s my story:

Like so many, my downfall was the company I kept. I stumbled across a cool little script from someone or other, I can’t remember if it was @rfindley , @Kumirei , @prouleau or one of those other reprobates. No, wait … I remember. It was Robin! It was the Wanikani Hide Context Sentence Translation script. Just nine lines of code!

I thought: “Cool! I can do that!”. What harm could come from just a taste of CSS?

So I quickly threw together my Burn Progress script. That was fun! And I still had it under control.

So a week later I bit off a bit more and published Tofugu Latest. That one really started to scratch that itch. I should have known I was in trouble when I had an email exchange with Viet himself introducing me to the real dark stuff: CORS — cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

But I paid it no mind. I immediately started in on what ended up being my downfall: the GanbarOmeter. If I only knew back then what I know now. The first month abusing that script wasn’t too bad. The monkey was growing bigger and bigger, but I thought I was still in control.

Rock bottom came when I started getting into the hard stuff: typescript, jest plugins to vsCode, functional programming, Svelte, … It consumed me. Friends and family gave up on me. It was all I could think about.

These days I think I’ve almost got the monkey off my back, though. I’m on the road to recovery…

Wait! …

… Am I in the right room?!


Thank you for sharing Rex, it truly warms my heart to remember that those who create the scripts as burned just as greatly as those who abuse them. Honestly, I feel like Robin and Kumi are offering full-time script support at this point.

Whether the desire is to be the best Japanese learner or create the best script, all are welcome here!


same. with the reorder script, i basically calculate how many lessons of each type i have to do to hit 0/0 before my radicals/kanji give me new kanji/vocab. that means i usually start a level with a couple days of vocab only lessons.

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What a deep, deep hole you’ve dug for yourself!

(Rock bottom, hah! Should I tell him that he’s standing on a false floor?? :grin:)


Can relate to this. I wonder where my Japanese journey would be if I didn’t spend so much time adding stuff to Tsurukame…

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