Script Abusers Anonymous

Hi, my name is Rex and I’m a script abuser.

You want me to share on my first day? Ouch, that’s kind of harsh, but okay, here’s my story:

Like so many, my downfall was the company I kept. I stumbled across a cool little script from someone or other, I can’t remember if it was @rfindley , @Kumirei , @prouleau or one of those other reprobates. No, wait … I remember. It was Robin! It was the Wanikani Hide Context Sentence Translation script. Just nine lines of code!

I thought: “Cool! I can do that!”. What harm could come from just a taste of CSS?

So I quickly threw together my Burn Progress script. That was fun! And I still had it under control.

So a week later I bit off a bit more and published Tofugu Latest. That one really started to scratch that itch. I should have known I was in trouble when I had an email exchange with Viet himself introducing me to the real dark stuff: CORS — cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

But I paid it no mind. I immediately started in on what ended up being my downfall: the GanbarOmeter. If I only knew back then what I know now. The first month abusing that script wasn’t too bad. The monkey was growing bigger and bigger, but I thought I was still in control.

Rock bottom came when I started getting into the hard stuff: typescript, jest plugins to vsCode, functional programming, Svelte, … It consumed me. Friends and family gave up on me. It was all I could think about.

These days I think I’ve almost got the monkey off my back, though. I’m on the road to recovery…

Wait! …

… Am I in the right room?!