Script Abusers Anonymous

I just took 円 from Master to Apprentice because I incorrectly answered “yenn” for the meaning twice consecutively. The sense of bewilderment is almost indescribable.


You can be disciplined without hitting limits? Doing constantly and consistently x items daily is also a discipline?

AFAIR it’s quite difficult to hit 0/0 if you are not speed-learning, and I’d say that majority here are not striving at doing 7day level (and often if they do then they quickly get burned)?


It’s simply two different approaches. Nothing is wrong with either of them, as I see it.

The fact that we have many threads dedicated to hitting levelling targets, I’d argue that there are enough people that are striving to level quickly that it’s is relevant, even if it’s not the majority. Arguably, going for 0/0 is the same as doing consistent and constant x items a day, it’s just the x is derived from the number of total lessons you receive upon level up divided by three.

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Like you, I never see 0 lessons. I aim to see 0 reviews on 99% of nights

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Yass. Finally. Thanks for the script suggestion. Works like a charm.


For me at least, it’s not difficult to hit 0/0 but still go slow. I use WaniKani’s setting “Shuffled” for lesson ordering. That way I get some radicals, some kanji and some vocab each time I do lessons. Since I usually have some kanji left, I don’t guru the last batch of kanji on my level before going through the last of the vocab, and I easily hit 0/0. If you do WaniKani standard ordering radicals/kanji/vocab it might be more tricky to get 0/0 every level since you might not have finished all vocab before guruing the last kanji and levelling up. I got that once, levelling up before I was ready, and I learned my lesson. “Shuffled” lesson ordering is what saves me right now.


Actually this is predominant behaviour. I’m on level 8 and I was at around 30 new lessons but unlocking new kanji new vocab started to be added.

But - I don’t mind it at all, and having mixed vocab from previous level brings IMHO a little bit more of a challenge.

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I thought “Double-Check” was my friend. “Oh, yeah of course I meant that…”. But at level 21, there were dozens of reviews, that I couldn’t even recognise. I was drowning in 200-300 Reviews every day, that took 2-3 hours. It was devastating. I gave up and it took me two months to reset to level 11 and do it right. Now, I no longer cheat and use the “Expected Daily Number of Reviews” for the number of lessons I do to prevent a flood of reviews.
And with “Review Order” in “Single Mode” and Lightning Mode, reviews only take half the time.


I don’t know if this is script abuse but whenever I get something wrong in my reviews, I keep doing it wrong until it is the only review left. Then I cut the tab and open it again so that I don’t lower it’s level. I quickly check the correct answer and then do that one review which is left but correctly this time. This has almost become a habit and I can’t seem to lose it. :frowning_face: But I’m trying.

One that is script abuse is maybe using rikaikun to check the reading and/or meaning.

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Try using BISHBASHONCE instead shortly after the review.

I used to do the same before I discovered bbo.

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What’s the difference between this and regular BISHBASHBOSH?


Thankyou, it seems really nice way to remember the ones I get wrong. I doubt I will ever forget 他所 now. :slight_smile:

It only makes you type the answer once per item (unless you get it wrong).

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Funny I got a new like on this the very day I turned level 60 :rofl:
So can confirm, despite my ups and downs, I did climb the top!

And no, didn’t reach 60 before my 4 year mark… I am close to my 5 year mark (but hey, made it just under 5 years! )



Your post really is read like a thriller though. :slight_smile: It’s really great that you managed to overcome substance script abuse and climbed all the way.


Hi, my name is Rex and I’m a script abuser.

You want me to share on my first day? Ouch, that’s kind of harsh, but okay, here’s my story:

Like so many, my downfall was the company I kept. I stumbled across a cool little script from someone or other, I can’t remember if it was @rfindley , @Kumirei , @prouleau or one of those other reprobates. No, wait … I remember. It was Robin! It was the Wanikani Hide Context Sentence Translation script. Just nine lines of code!

I thought: “Cool! I can do that!”. What harm could come from just a taste of CSS?

So I quickly threw together my Burn Progress script. That was fun! And I still had it under control.

So a week later I bit off a bit more and published Tofugu Latest. That one really started to scratch that itch. I should have known I was in trouble when I had an email exchange with Viet himself introducing me to the real dark stuff: CORS — cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

But I paid it no mind. I immediately started in on what ended up being my downfall: the GanbarOmeter. If I only knew back then what I know now. The first month abusing that script wasn’t too bad. The monkey was growing bigger and bigger, but I thought I was still in control.

Rock bottom came when I started getting into the hard stuff: typescript, jest plugins to vsCode, functional programming, Svelte, … It consumed me. Friends and family gave up on me. It was all I could think about.

These days I think I’ve almost got the monkey off my back, though. I’m on the road to recovery…

Wait! …

… Am I in the right room?!


Thank you for sharing Rex, it truly warms my heart to remember that those who create the scripts as burned just as greatly as those who abuse them. Honestly, I feel like Robin and Kumi are offering full-time script support at this point.

Whether the desire is to be the best Japanese learner or create the best script, all are welcome here!


same. with the reorder script, i basically calculate how many lessons of each type i have to do to hit 0/0 before my radicals/kanji give me new kanji/vocab. that means i usually start a level with a couple days of vocab only lessons.

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What a deep, deep hole you’ve dug for yourself!

(Rock bottom, hah! Should I tell him that he’s standing on a false floor?? :grin:)


Can relate to this. I wonder where my Japanese journey would be if I didn’t spend so much time adding stuff to Tsurukame…

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