Scheduled Downtime for January 25 at 10:00am PST

If you prefer, you can think of that as 1:00pm EST, 3:00am TST, or 6:00pm UTC. We are budgeting 30 minutes, and we think we’ll be close to the full allowance before we’re back up and running.

As usual, we’ll post updates during the maintenance window and let everyone know how it’s going. We’ll also post an update here when it’s all done so you can dive back into reviews.

This is the last downtime we’ve got scheduled for the next month or two. Thanks for the understanding and patience while we make the Crabigator stronger!


Maybe this time WaniMekani will have time to reach the funnies!

Excellent! Last time there was “downtime”, there was a Nintendo mini Direct at that exact time. So, does this “downtime” mean we’re getting a full Direct (with footage of Metroid Prime 4 and an announcement of a new Smash Bros) on the 25th?

Is the reason Etoeto never appears because Tofugu are spending all their time secretly creating games for Nintendo? Suddenly everything makes sense.


Here we go!

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Whoops, totally forgot this was happening. Stopped me right in the middle of a review to level up! Oh well, it’ll still be there in 30 mins I suppose.

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If it’s not, Judge Judy will be there for you.

The hamster wheels are squeaking loudly, but things look like they’re on track.

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Aand we’re back! Thanks for the patience, everyone! As usual, let us know if you hit any snags or see anything funky going on.

Happy reviewing!

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I just had reviews come up for 5 new things I did lessons on earlier this morning. I finished all 5 and it came up that I got a new review while I was doing the others. Except it’s one of the 5 I just did. I have now reviewed 鮮魚 about 8 times. I am a pro. Can you just move it to burned for me?


Same thing just happened to me (well, with 6 items and not 5…).

Same here…except it was 31 items for me. Did them twice, didn’t count either time :frowning:


The usual question: are you using userscripts? If so, which ones?

Same for me, I have 21 items I’ve done 3 times in a row now and they still don’t count. It’s annoying me greatly to see those reviews still there lol. T_T

Nothing that should be active during a review session (I don’t think) These are mine:


I did also try turning them all off (disabling Tampermonkey) and it still did the same thing.

Hmmm, well, it’s worthwhile turning them all to make sure it’s not interfering with anything.

Also, make sure you hit reload on the page a couple times. We didn’t change anything on our end that should affect review submission (it was a bunch of database optimizations for performance), so it could be that something is cached locally that’s unhappy.

I did a session in firefox to test it without scripts, and the reviews still came back.

I’m using no scripts at all. And still have 21 reviews even after I’ve done the same 21 items four times now. No matter how much I refresh the page they still remain…