Saludos fellow crabigators

Hello guys, just wanted to know what studying routines you guys follow for kanji and grammar and compare it to mine! :slight_smile: As of now, I am combining WaniKani with Genki.

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Hi! I also use WaniKani and Genki mainly! You might be interested in checking out the Masterlist of Study Logs.

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I finished James Heisig’s Remembering The Kanji, then started doing WaniKani, and now I’m doing bunpro on the side, and basically just using the links in bunpro as source material. I’ve tried Genki but I didn’t really like it personally. I’ll be using the Minna no Nihongo books for college soon so I guess I’ll have to see how that goes.

Another thing I do for keeping up my Japanese grammar/kanji is watching anime with Japanese subtitles, and reading manga in Japanese. I actually imported all the volumes of 少女終末旅行 (Girls Last Tour) in Japanese because I like it that much. I much prefer reading manga in physical form anyway, but let’s not get off topic :sweat_smile:

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Thanks!! Genki is pretty good for me, but is Bunpro a good source?

Bunpro is a SRS for grammar which is their main purpose in life. You may use their description of grammar points but it is very succinct. The example sentences are good. There are links to free sources on the Internet. There is a community where you can ask grammar questions.

Most people think Bunpro is best used accompanied by a grammar book. Genki can be used in this manner.

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Well, basically what @prouleau said, it’s main purpose is learning grammar with SRS which I’m a fan of. As a grammar source it’s serviceable but I highly advice using the links they give you as actual study material.

If you feel like the grammar you’re learning isn’t really sticking then SRS is your best friend. And BunPro is really cheap too which is nice, only 3 bucks a month. Though if you feel like you’re doing fine with just Genki then that’s good. Whatever works, right?


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