Bunpro, Human Japanese, Genki or Tae Kim

Hey guys,

I’m currently using Wanikani and Kaniwani for studying my vocabulary. I’m still not quite sure about wich grammar resource/-s I should use consistently. Currently I’m switching between Bunpro and Human Japanese. Both are really convenient and I like the SRS implementation of Bunpro alot. I also used Genki for a short period of time but couldn’t bring myself to continue. Right now I’m at university and I try fitting my Japanese studying routine inside every 5-10 minutes I can spare each day. I think that is the reason it’s rather hard for me to continue with Genki…

Please share your thoughts on this with me.

P. S. I already checked out The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!
If you have any additional resources that I can use on the go please let me know.

Thanks in advance :blush:

Why not use it exclusively then? If it’s working for you :slight_smile:

I’m just following the list that Bunpro gives me and doing the grammar points that I find more interesting. This way, I end up checking several sources for each grammar point and writing my own notes about it (feels like a book already lol).

Before Bunpro, I was mainly using Tae Kim’s guide, watching Japanese Ammo with Misa videos and doing some google searches. Studying grammar was boring though. Now by using Bunpro, I realize how incomplete most resources are by themselves. Getting a little info from each really made my learning improve. Studying grammar now is fun (still a lot of work though :roll_eyes: )


I’ve yet to try out Bunpro properly (I looked at it while it only had N5, but it was too low level for me at the time, I’ve been thinking of going back), but as @jprspereira said, if it works for you, then stick to it. I’m also at university, so I know how convenient WK style resources can be when you don’t have much time, and Bunpro seems just like that.

I don’t know how far through Human Japanese you are, but I’d say Human Japanese really takes it’s time. It’s what I used for the first year and a half and I loved it, but if you don’t need the super long and friendly explanations, then other grammar resources can do the same and more in less than half the time.

I’ve never properly read through Genki; I have it sitting on my shelf. But from what I’ve gone through, it seems pretty intense. Genki definitely comes down to personal opinion, but as a student, it’s really tough to use if you’re using other stuff as well (people can feel free to disagree, this is just what I’ve found).

Tae Kim is a pretty great resource, but I’ve always found it hard to study from. For me, it’s much better as a resource I can use to check various things from time to time.

Bunpro’s SRS is powerful for when you don’t have all the time in the world. I’d say mainly use that, but consult other resources if you need additional explanation.


Ive actually stopped studying grammar from a textbook altogether, and instead opted to mine grammar examples from textbooks and threw them into anki. Ill have a sentence that has a particular grammar point and then a brief explanation of said grammar point below it and then periodically review it.

If i find a particular grammar point challenging ill just add more example sentences so that it appears more often.

That being said, I did finish Genki 1 and 2 completely and i almost never used any other sources for grammar.

My current method works so much better for me because it focuses on the grammar within context rather than the long winded explanation why the grammar point works. This may/may not work for you so check it out if you like :slight_smile:


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