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hi! i’m currently on vacation and i’ll focus on my japanese studies until i get back to uni in feb.
for now i’m just sticking with wanikani+kaniwani, but i’d like to make a more concrete study plan with grammar (learning it every 2 days).
do you guys think it’s enough to use wk, genki (or tae kim’s) and the dictionary of basic japanese grammar? if not, what other resources could i use to have better grammar progress?

The resources you listed are pretty solid and will take you quite far, though not all the way to advanced level. To list some other ones, in case you’re interested:

  • Bunpro - Online grammar with a similar concept to Wanikani. Has an SRS system to quiz you on grammar and breaks up lessons into small groups that can be easily tackled and scheduled. Good if you find textbooks boring or long-winded. One of my favorite self-paced grammar resources.

  • Human Japanese - A nice e-textbook with friendly quizzes and some really great and gentle explanations for self-learners. There’s two separate apps (basic and intermediate), and I think they both have free trial versions (at least on Android) for the first few chapters to see what you think.

  • Essential Japanese Grammar - An alternative to A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar that has the benefit of an e-book version and perhaps easier availability. I really like the explanations and layout of this book, though YMMV.


If you do all Genki’s exercises and also the Genki workbook’s exercises, I think it would be more than enough. I would caution against reading lots of material and not doing exercises. One of the reasons WK is so effective is that it forces reviews down our throats. Genki will not do that, it’s your own will power.

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