Good Way to Learn/Review Grammar?

I took one year of Japanese in college during the 2017-18 school year (one year ago), and want to resume this fall. I forgot a decent amount of material, and that’s why I’m doing WaniKani right now. I also want to review grammar, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for websites/programs to go through. I am currently reviewing the Genki books since it is what my classes use, but its a little dry, and I enjoy learning/reviewing through websites more. My class had reached up to Genki 2. Thank you!


If you haven’t heard of it, BunPro is a great resource for grammar. I use it a lot, since it has an SRS feature and a Cram feature, which you can use to your heart’s content. It’s a pay service, though, but totally worth it.


Thank you for this! I hadn’t heard about 文プロ, that looks awesome!


Wow, I tried out BunPro’s first few lessons and it seems pretty nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

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If you wish to use it with Genki, you can change it to Textbook mode and set it to Genki, and then the lessons follow along with the Genki chapters, so you can read more detail in Genki as you go.

BunPro is great for REVIEW, however, it’s nothing for actually learning. I recommend BunPro + a textbook like Genki if you’re serious. I say this having just signed up for a a year of BunPro, because the SRS is a really effective way to remember grammar points you’ve already learned, but again it’s no replacement for learning from a textbook that goes in depth and requires you to think about the concepts.


i finding youtuber organic japanese curedolly very helpful by far in my experience, ignoring her scary 3d avatar and satanic intro.

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