Rokon study log (old)

decided to reset to level 5 because I fell overwhelmingly behind on vocab and didn’t really study Japanese properly for almost a year - gonna take it nice and slow this time and try to read more on the side

I’ll probably work on this post more in the future but for now my plan is:

  • work on WK at my own pace instead of rushing it
  • get a lot of reading in on the side
  • read through genki 2 and tobira to refresh my grammar

for reading I’m currently going through

  • yokai watch on the switch - mostly for getting used to the flow of sentences again, and not really for kanji (since the game has furigana)
  • some free to read manga on pixiv
  • ao haru ride - just moved so I’ll have to figure out which box these went in…
  • hyouka (light novel) - will get around to finishing this later after I’m more comfortable with reading again


  • get through 1 level / 2 weeks
  • that’s all for now!



I recognise you from the Olympians thread! Good luck!

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In learning Japanese, there are times when one must reflect on mistakes made, to ensure they will not be repeated in the future. Next time, be sure to mark the box with the manga :wink:

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Thanks! This will be the opposite of that thread though - I’m going nice and slow this second time around :grin:

Haha you’re totally right! How is aoharu going? Honestly I’m considering cheating a bit and skipping to the last 3 volumes when I find them cause the middle ones hurt my heart a bit :')

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It got down to only me reading at club pace. I finished the last volume a week ago =D This is one of those series where I think I feel completely satisfied with all aspects the ending.


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this is gold :rofl: I changed my username to rokon/vulpix to celebrate hitting level 60 but now that I’m back to 20 I wonder if I should go by nikon for now =P


got my reviews pile under 1000. It’s kind of two steps forward one back right now since I’m also going back and resurrecting kanji from previous lessons that I’m not completely comfortable with but it’s still progress :muscle:


decided to reset again to level 5 this time cause a few vocab reviews were being stubborn. And I’ve decided to finally take the N3 this year so I want to refresh my kanji foundation before reviewing JLPT specific kanji.

edit: 0/0 for the first time in forever. let’s hope this lasts a while :muscle:


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