Felt like a good moment to pause and reflect. I just landed on level 44 so I’ve got a little more than 2,000 items to go (unless/until the crabigator makes levels 61-70?!)

In case anyone reading this needs a little oomph: stick with it! It will come and go, sometimes it feels like a slog, but grab some manga every month or so and you’ll feel your brain changing. For the better. I swear.

I feel like I should also have some practical tip: this may be obvious, but I find it’s really helpful to make good use of “SRS level 0”. If I’ve got too many reviews to justify a new lesson, I’ll peek at the next few kanji or vocab, with no attempt to memorize. It leaves my memory at, not over, full capacity, but gives me just a little familiarity when it comes time to actually learn the darn things.

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JLPT 0 Here we come :grin:

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Congratulations and thanks for the pep talk! Any manga to recommend?

I honestly think they should have left it at 50. That last 10 was ugh lol

I’ve found Saiki K (斉木楠雄の災難) to be great for a bunch of reasons. I picked it up because I loved the anime, but found it’s really good for learning because:

  • Saiki’s language seems more standard/less slangy than I’ve found elsewhere
  • There is a lot of text. And I mean a LOT (get out your magnifying glass for some pages) of text. But hey, all the more opportunity to practice reading!
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I’ll check it out - thanks!

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