Reviews/Lessons out of order...confused :(

Lessons don’t build up the same way as reviews, so there’s no reason to worry about them building up. They’ll only build up so far before they stop. So just focus on reviews and ignore the lessons until you feel comfortable with how well you’ve learned the review items.

Also, a lot of people have decided to control their workload by not doing lessons until their Apprentice count drops below a certain number (say, 75 or 100). That way, most of your items are at least Guru’d before you start learning new items, and you’ll never have more than 75 or so weakly-memorized items at a time.

Another thing: When you think you’ll be gone for more than one day, don’t hesitate to use vacation mode. It will pause your review schedule so they won’t build up while you’re gone. But remember, you can only use vacation mode about once a week (or at least that used to be the rule).

Under the default setting, previous level stuff will always come up in your lessons first. But you really don’t need to think about that. What’s important is that a lesson should never unlock until you’ve Guru’d the pieces that it depends on.

For example:

  • You’ll never unlock the kanji 校 until you’ve Guru’d the radicals 木, 父, and 亠.
  • You’ll never unlock the vocab 学校 until you’ve Guru’d the kanji 学 and 校.

If that does happen, it’s a genuine bug and should be reported.

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Okay, gotcha. I’ll stick to reviews for a while. I unlocked eighty lessons just now…so nerve wracking. I only have a 156 in apprentice, but I might try the 75 rule. Thanks!

Well, yeah, looks like you leveled up. But if you don’t do those radical/kanji lessons you just unlocked then you won’t see more than a few more lessons (depending on how many lingering apprentice kanji you have).

Anyone have any comments on the question about mnemonics?

The point of mnemonics is just to bridge the gap between knowing nothing and knowing the content. When you do a burn review, you probably aren’t going to be recalling the mnemonics for many things.

The mnemonics are supposed to help the information “stick” at the beginning and go away eventually. If you immediately know the reading/meaning, you prob don’t need the mnemonic.

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but there is a method to the madness of lessons, and there are user scripts to help you control the order and learn what you want, and when you want it.

A vocab word using a particular kanji will only unlock when you get that kanji to “guru” status, meaning you’ve practiced it at least 4 times and have kept in in your mind for 2+ days, so you likely know it deep down, somewhere. I used to feel like if I didn’t know something right away, I’d never get it, but I’ve found with SRS, if I slow down and chew something over, I come up with answers more often than I thought.

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Thank you for this! I guess I thought they were supposed to come to mind kind of instantly? Sometimes I do try and work it out but maybe I should try more. I definitely need to take it slower overall. I guess the piled up lessons were making me feel a sense of urgency.

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When I hit level 6, I ended up with hundreds of lessons racked up, and I drowned in them. I’ve got a “groove” going now tho. I only have to do ~20 per day or fewer, and I move along pretty fast as long as I do my radicals and kanji when I have them, and vocabs when I’m done with those.

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And also, there’s no shame in doing fewer lessons, you just move along a little slower (which is how you dig yourself out from under a ton of items). If you have a good pattern or you use a script, you can be in total control of when you level up, and when you learn what. (Faster when you want to, slower when you need to)


Do you have any suggestions for insuring order? Everyone keeps saying they’ll order by level but not if I’m not learning them “correctly.” For example I’m on level seven but there are still lessons I haven’t learned from level 5. In my lessons, I’d prefer to learn all the radicals/Kanji/vocab entirely from level five before moving onto level 6, much less 7

have you checked your profile settings and made sure your lesson order is set to “ascending level” and not “shuffled”? This will make sure that lvl 5 stuff always comes in front of lvl 6. EXCEPT, when you guru an item, it will unlock something or several things that are part of the same level.

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The reorder script that you mentioned obviously gives you the most control. You can set the items to appear in any order by level (like, I could make them go 7, 5, 9, 13, 3, 10) and weight them by which type, and exclude certain levels or types entirely.

So, if you feel like the settings that are available are insufficient, that’s the answer.


^^^. Also that, but if your goal is just to get lessons in the order by level and that’s it, the application will do it on its own.

I use a script to always get my newest radicals and kanji, then clean up vocabs from last level, then chip away at vocabs from this level.


Yeah I already have them sorted by ascending

If you have your lessons set to “ascending level then x”, you should definitely be getting those level 5 lessons first.

The fact that you’re not suggests to me that there may be radicals or kanji from level 5 which you haven’t Guru’d - this would mean that any items reliant on these won’t have been unlocked. Check out those items from level 5 and see whether they rely on kanji or radicals which you haven’t yet got to Guru.

It sounds like you’ve decided to stop doing lessons for now and consolidate what you’ve learnt by focusing on reviews, which sounds like a good idea. This should also mean that you get everything from those earlier levels to Guru, and then when you start doing lessons again you should find that you start to fill in those gaps (which should help - I find it easier to remember a kanji once I start learning associated vocab, for instance).

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To check I would suggest you head to wkstats, it shows your progress and what items you have learned. Click on radicals, kanji, vocab and check for gaps (“not learned”) or lower level things on apprentice, if there is something missing you should get your lessons down first.

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Thank you for this, except - how do I use it? It says API key not found. I have no idea what this means :sweat_smile:

That website will contact WK and get the status of your items (what is unlocked, etc). You have to enter an identifier that shows which account in WK is yours.

Go to the >top right menu< (circle with your avatar) on the Wanikani dashboard, then >Settings<, >Account<, and scroll down a bit. There is a section “Public API Key” with two boxes, copy the text in the first one (under “API Version 1”, a hexadecimal number) and paste it to wkstats :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! This is pretty helpful, although I’m not exactly sure what to do with all the information. Like, for Kanji I maybe have 15 on Apprentice, maybe 10 or so for Radicals, and then Vocab is a whole other story…I have so many on apprentice and quite a few “Not Learned.” How can I go back and review specific Radicals/Kanji/Vocab so I “learn” them before the the ones on my current level. I have to use a script, I assume?

Sorry for all the questions! I’ve read so many posts here but it’s still not sinking in…

Can you post a screenshot of you radical and kanji status for levels 1–7? Having “not learned” on levels below you might be your problem. You can level up with 90% of the items, so maybe you have some low-level radicals that never reached Guru, which results in some kanji not being unlocked.

If things are missing from lower levels you should focus on getting them right in the reviews. No use adding new lessons on top when you have trouble with the items you already got :slight_smile:

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