I am screwed

i now have more lessons than kanji already learned, help me god


Why are you screwed? Just do the same number of lessons every day and it doesn’t matter if you have 20 or 200 available at any given time.


but if it keep leveling up as i slowly go through lessons so i actually remember how to read and write them, i won’t stop getting new lessons

Guru-ing vocab items doesn’t give you new lessons.

Maybe double check the settings in your app and set it to something that priorities items from lower levels. By doing so you don’t have to worry about leveling up when taking those lessons…


You can’t level up until you do the lessons for the kanji and guru that kanji. So the lessons can’t pile up (unless you are deliberately excluding vocab items). Just make sure you’re not putting the vocab aside. Don’t start the new level’s kanji until you’re done with vocab.


The more threads like this that I see the more I’m convinced that all the re-order scripts are a big piece of shit and should not be used, also started to understand why WK doesn’t give you radicals/kanji priority.
The only way the re-order script can work for you is if you have some amaizing self discipline, but if you do you likely are on top of your lessons anyway and don’t actually need it.


You don’t have to do all the lessons at once, and in fact you shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter how many lessons you have pending, if you do only a few each day things will go smoothly. If you want to take it easy, do 5 or 10 each day. Even if you want to challenge yourself, I hardly see a reason to do more than 20 a day.


Random order is effective for long-term memory. Arranging order in any way is only for the short-term but sacrifices long-term memory. Accuracy will suffer long-term. No one should use reorder script.


thank you all for the kind help and advice!

good to know!

This is really helpful too – thank you.

(thank you for asking this!!)


Actually, this is taking care of by the reviews.

Yes, reviews should have random ordering ~ which is what they do have. As for the lessons, you can follow the ordering WK provides. And especially prioritizing items from previous levels makes sure that your vocab items do not pile up :nerd_face: My previous post may has been little bit too subtle on that last part… :thinking:

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I think reorder scripts are really useful if you have an easier time learning the kanji distributed in smaller amounts each day instead of in huge batches. Like, I use the lesson filter script to learn 3 and occasionally 4 kanji a day on top of 10 vocab a day, because trying to learn 10 kanji at once is too much for me and the information doesn’t stick very well (and also I get demoralized by having to spend like a full week just finishing up the last level’s vocab without learning any new kanji). So I guess I use it to actually postpone learning the kanji haha instead of using it to skip ahead.

And I suppose for people trying to go at max speed, it’s way easier to distribute the vocab lessons throughout the level so that you don’t have to binge like 70 vocab lessons in one day along with the radicals. I think doing this can be equally bad for many people, honestly, because it leads to a very uneven review load, which can contribute to burnout for many. But I think for the vast majority of users, full speed (whether done through a reorder script or with just vanilla WK) is actually a terrible idea and should be discouraged.

Honestly, I think the main issue is people feeling pressured to go as fast as physically possible. Reorder scripts introduce a huge temptation to cut corners and skip lessons for the illusion of progress. If you don’t have a very concrete plan in place for using them, it’s easy to get lost. And it doesn’t help that many people (including Tofugu, to an extent) recommend an extreme quantity over quality approach that pressures people to rush through as fast as possible so that they can theoretically get to immersion faster. I think there’s a very important middle step in there, which is that you have to tailor your speed to whatever is going on in the rest of your life. Cutting corners to get to WK’s arbitrary level 60 can actually set you back in a lot of ways if you don’t put in the full amount of work (including leaving time for learning grammar/other vocab and immersion) to get there.


Please don’t blame tools when people misuse them. There are multiple warnings and plenty of ways to spot the pitfalls in these threads.

Adding on to what fallynleaf said. I also use for consistent scheduling (eg. X kanji Y vocab per day) and making sure I never run out of lessons because random() screwed me over by saving the last few radicals and kanji until the end. The consistency is really important to me since having things get too easy makes me lazy an uneven pacing will burn me out. I’m very much on top my of lessons and reviews right now, but I’d argue it’s only because I have those scripts.

Another benefit is being able to prioritize items in a backlog of reviews after a break without vacation mode. There are different strategies out there, but I like sorting by level to reduce churning apprentice items and target things I’m more likely to remember first. This is going to sound silly, but it really helps with building confidence to tackle easy items first for giant review backlogs.

Another issue I’m tackling with reordering is roughly sorting which items can be safely deferred to the next day. Between my schedule and other factors I get the bulk of my reviews in my evening session which is hella stressful and unfun. So to even them out I target immature items that need the attention and push back mature items to the next session that I won’t be likely to forget.

I used to be hardcore anti-script, but now I don’t think I would use WK without them. The base experience is like getting clothes that “fits all sizes”. A good enough experience that’s far from perfect and honestly pretty frustrating at times.


That’s even less than the number of -lesson- ((I mean) review) I’m doing daily…

Oh shoot it was too early in the morning. I thought you mean number of review… I need some coffee.


As the creator of the Lesson Filter script, I’d like to add that I created it specifically because WaniKani’s default experience was burning me out and I was getting very overwhelmed. I used the script to do 3 kanji and 9 vocab lessons per day, making WaniKani less stressful, while still allowing me to make slow but steady progress. Without it I likely would have quit WaniKani around level 35, and I wish I’d made the script much earlier.

(Also wow, next week marks 4 years since I made that script.)


Thank you so much for making the script! I think in making this an option for people, you’ve saved countless people from burning out by allowing us to introduce more consistency and flexibility into our schedules. It has definitely vastly improved the program for me.


i mostly do wanikani on my phone using tsurukame, this script sounds very useful though


Thank you – I may be needing to try that soon.

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Thank you so much for making the Lesson Filter script. When I first came across your script in the Ultimate Guide to WaniKani thread by jprspereira (another person who has boosted my WaniKani experience dramatically), I didn’t really know if it would help me, since I was still a beginner and all. But then, guess what - I found a post of yours in a thread which talked about doing three kanji and nine vocab a day which sounded interesting to me. Here I am, nearly a year later, using your Lesson Filter script happily.

Like fallynleaf said, I’m sure you’ve helped countless people with your script. Thank you once again.