Question on Lessons

Hey, I just had a question on how lessons worked if anyone has the time to respond.

I just leveled up to level 3, but I was given almost 90 lessons. The lessons are 80% vocab from level 2, and the rest is all the radicals, some kanji + vocab from level 3. Should I do the lessons for the vocab first and wait until I apprentice them before moving on to the radical lessons in the next level? Or is it because I didn’t have a schedule for when to do lessons and reviews when I first started that it is turning out this way? If my question doesn’t make much sense I can clarify, just ask me something about it and I can better explain it.

The reason why I am asking is because I did all my lessons (86) today in 2 hours (between 8:30 and 10:30) so now my reviews are now going to be spaced out over a three hour span instead of the one hour span that I’m shooting for. What should I do (and I know 86 lessons is a lot in one sitting, but I’m just trying to even things out to where I don’t have a bunch of kanji reviews and radical reviews at all different times, I’m still thoroughly going through each lesson and making sure I’m getting the mnemonic down so I’m not cramming).


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if you are just using the vanilla site, the lessons will automatically sort for you. the early levels are a little, jumpy with how you receive items. on a normal level, you’ll get some radicals, then the kanji for those radicals, and then the vocab for those kanji, based on when you gurued the particular item, which will spread out over the levels, as you excel at some of them, and fall behind on others(leeches).

as for the timing, if you want them to be all at once, just wait till the last one would be ready (in 4 hrs from now)(it may be 2 still for level 3, not sure). Then they will all be ready.

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There’s some control in the settings. You can make it random.


What do you mean by vanilla site?

Also you’re saying on a normal level - so like you’re on level 6 - it would go several lessons on these certain radicals, and then kanji for those radicals, then vocab that matches that kanji … then radicals kanji vocab until the complete the level?

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by vanilla site, I mean no scripts(which are optional tools from the community).

And yes, when you guru, the radical for direction 方, then the kanji for direction will become available, and when you guru the kanji for direction 方, the vocab including it in that level will unlock. There is some vocab that does include the kanji, that is unlocked later(when you guru the other kanji involved[example: 方法 from level 5]).

I don’t know what the default is, that’s just how I have it set up.

Would it be recommended to use a script then for lesson ordering? Or is the way the site has it set up the way to go. I’m looking for efficiency and a clean way to get through the lessons since I like order and efficiency.

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The default is “Ascending level then subject”

The other options are “Shuffled” and “Ascending level then shuffled”.

It’s in the App Settings page.


It’s not entirely necessary, the most effective IMO is just to make sure you learn the content, however works best for you. If you really want to go fast though, give this a read.

I use the flaming durtles app, and set it so that I do any radicals, and kanji first, before the huge number of vocabulary I have in my lesson queue.

But if order, and having a 0 lesson, 0 review, each level, then go ahead with the default order on the website. It will make sure you finish the vocabulary for the levels you have passed, before giving you new radical/kanji threads.

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Yes I have read that, but I don’t understand this quote here: “This means that if you want to level up every 8 days: 120/8=15 vocab lessons that must be done every day.”

Say I want to level up every 6 days, I would divide the # of vocab in each lesson by 6 to get the amount of lessons I need to do each day, or by three to do those lessons every other day … what I don’t understand is that, that doesn’t incorporate the radical or kanji lessons. I’m trying to wrap my head around how I should plan that out as well.

Also, it gives me the next level before I finish the vocab, which doesn’t make sense because you said this:


You level up, but by default you don’t see new radicals or kanji initially.

Vocab also have no direct impact on level speed.


So what is that quote saying then? Do 15 vocab lessons a day until you reach the radicals for the next lesson?

Maybe I don’t actually understand how that really work, if so, I’m sorry. (almost as much of a noob as you)

you can change your settings if you wish here

But it will only give you the items that you have completed the pre-requisites for. Example: if you completed 90% of the kanji for one level, you will level up, even though you still have 2 kanji left to guru, so it will give you the lessons for the new level, even though you haven’t finished the vocab for the missing 2 kanji

If you are trying for speed, then you should complete as many radicals, as soon as possible, and same for kanji.

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I don’t know where you’re saying that quote comes from so I can’t check.

This is where it came from. I’m just trying to find a way to understand how it all works that way I am able to build a plan that will work for me and how I work. I really do best under an organized way - so starting with all the radicals, finishing the radicals (guru) and then going to kanji, guru those, and then start on vocab.

Basically what I really would like to know is if it is more beneficial to guru vocab before moving on to the next lesson, that way it goes:

Radical → Kanji → Vocab
instead of:

Radical → Kanji → Vocab + nextLevelRadical → Kanji → Vocab + nextLevelRadical and so on

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It’s just someone explaining how much work you can expect at that speed of leveling up. Since vocab are not directly connected to level speed, you can choose to ignore them or do them all, and as long as you choose to do radicals and kanji first it wouldn’t change anything. But that person was giving advice about what speed to choose and how to estimate the daily workload and choose a speed that works for you.

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There is no reason to wait to guru your vocab lessons before doing the next level’s radicals and kanji.

Sorry let me rephrase what I am asking.

Basically this is what I want to know: should I wait to start working on my radicals for the next lesson until I guru the vocab from the previous lesson? Or should I start on the radical lessons after doing the vocab lessons (so not waiting to guru the vocab before moving on).

It is not strictly necessary, but the vocab is there for a reason, and helps reinforce the kanji. If you want an opinion, then I would suggest (if your review count can handle it) at least starting the vocab. However if you again want to pace yourself, I would suggest putting a limit on the number of apprentice items(ones you will see every few hours/day). Mine is currently from about 100-200, depending on how I’m feeling.

edit: and when you reach that number, then quit doing lessons, until your count goes back down)

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Obviously I am going to do the vocab, I’m not just skipping over it. My question is this:

Sorry if my questions are coming off as confusing, I tend to make something way more complicated than it is because the way I think is really weird.

I’m here to help.
I can’t really give you a solid answer, it just depends on your workload. If you feel like you can handle more, then go ahead and learn everything as soon as you can.