Reviews/Lessons out of order...confused :(

No problem! Here you go.

Looks good actually, it seems that you haven’t done the lessons for 体 vocab on level 5 yet, even though the kanji itself is already enlightened. Same goes for vocab using 向, 亡, 羊, 直, the words are all on your lesson pile.

I would advise to set >Lesson ordering< in the settings to “Ascending level then subject”, then the first lessons will always be from your lower levels, then new radicals, kanji, and finally vocab. If you then try to clear the lessons queue to zero you will be fully synced again :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I do have the settings like that (and always have) so maybe I’m just psyching myself out. Hopefully I can start doing a few each day once I feel confident with the reviews. I think the system just moves a little fast for me. Even though I can technically advance, my brain just needs more time.

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If you do have it set like that then you shouldn’t have learned the level 6 kanji before finishing all the lessons for level 5.

Uhhhh then I’m stumped then? Cause I changed my settings to that ages ago. Besides, I thought you can move on once you learn 90% so isn’t that still technically possible even with those settings?

Are you using any reordering script? Because with that setting you should finish all the lessons for level 5 before you start on the level 6 lessons.

What happens when you open your lessons now?

That’s exactly what I want - no level six lessons until everything on level five is guru’d. No scripts at all until today when I tried out a script for differentiating visually similar kanji. I have no idea why this would be happening. Can anyone else chime in on this?

I have about eighty racked up. It throws me into vocab.

If you refresh, do you get something different?

Nope. Am I supposed to?

No, it should be the same if it’s actually sorting them.

Cool, thanks

Not that I expect it to have any impact, but it needs to be clarified if the team actually has a bug to find… do you always use the site on mobile like that? Do you use your PC or the apps as well?

I’d say 50/50 for P.C. VS Mobile. I never really mess with the app much

My guess as to what happened is this:

  1. You guru’d enough kanji on (say) level 5 to pass the 90% threshold and Wanikani leveled you up to 6.
  2. That meant you had level 6 lessons - but some level 5 kanji were still in your reviews below the guru level.
  3. Then you guru’d level 6 kanji, so Wanikani gave you the corresponding level 6 vocab lessons.
  4. Finally, you guru’d those last couple level 5 kanji, so Wanikani unlocked those level 5 vocab lessons - causing confusion, especially now that you’re a couple levels past that.

I think your screenshots support this - you’re on level 7, but it’s teaching you the 体 vocab. Those lessons rightfully come first for you now because they’re level 5, but they’re only now unlocked because you only just now got the kanji 体 to Guru level in the SRS (at least, that’s my guess).

I could be wrong about this, but I believe the “Lesson ordering” field in WaniKani settings orders already unlocked lessons, I don’t think it stops a lesson from unlocking out of order if you guru a kanji on a later level than ones where you haven’t already got 100% of the lessons. It wouldn’t be a problem if they all unlocked in big batches at once - but hey, sometimes we get things wrong and a trickier kanji lags behind the rest in a level.

I think the key is that passing the 90% guru kanji threshold is normally an automatic level up. If you want to get all the levels as segregated as possible, I think you just need to always check and make sure you’ve guru’d 100% of the kanji on a level before taking more lessons.

This should only impact vocab though - and I don’t think the site would ever give you vocab with kanji you haven’t guru’d - no matter the level. (but keep an eye out for specific examples if it does happen!)

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense or is off base and just adds to the confusion! :slight_smile:


Yeah, without an explicit example of something out of order, that’s probably what happened (or just forgetting, like rfindley mentioned at the start).

I have seen that happening for vocab. This is not about the reading you learn with the Kanji, but a different reading learned by vocab. So you only know the reading when you have seen that other vocab item (not when just learning the Kanji) and the reading shows up in multiple vocab words.
This is fine and expected. You are given the reading anyways and will know it for another vocab where it might tell you the reading “is new”.
Depending on when you guru some Kanji the vocab order can be like that, but you will always have learned the Kanji first.

Also, like others mentioned. Don’t do lessons when you are overwhelmed with reviews.

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This was incredibly helpful actually. So basically the only way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to manually check that I’ve learned all the previous vocab/Kanji for a level before beginning the new lessons I unlock? Which means I just need to hold up on new lessons until I’ve guru’d the ones I from level 5? I wish there was a way the site could do this for me. This made everything more confusing than it had to be!

I’m glad to hear it! :smiley:

Someone might chime in with a script that can do it (I don’t know of one myself), But if not, I think yeah, you’d just have to check and police it yourself.
It should be fairly easy to keep track of now that you know what’s happening, though. If you start getting a bunch of new radical lessons, that’s the next level material, so you can stop the lessons there and do reviews until you’re comfortable to move on.

Though hey, if you don’t mind the levels getting slightly mixed together and decide to move forward with a level immediately, you can at least be sure it’ll only ever affect about 10% or less of the vocab lessons and nothing else. :slight_smile:

Definitely an unexpectedly arcane area of SRS weeds we wandered into figuring this out though. It makes me wonder how far someone could push it - could someone theoretically get to level 60 without ever doing any vocab for 一 or ニ? I guess nothing’s stopping them!