Reviews: Radicals only option?

After a long break I have had over a thousand reviews. Is there a Radical only review option? I feel if I can bang those out, maybe the mnemonics would kick back in and I can start to remember the kanji and vocabulary.

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This script lets you review specific items:


Yeah, just install this, and right click on the green vocab and yellow kanji boxes after starting a review session, it will remove them.

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The script is an absolute must have, I can’t do my reviews without them!

The radicals are their own weird little things with sometimes funky names that doesn’t have anything to do with any real kanji, and the kanji alone are semi partial and not how you read them alone most the time. The vocab are full reading. I hate doing the three kinds mixed up!
So I like to do radicals first, be in that state of mind.
Then do Kanji, be in that mindset.
Then the vocabs, the actual words and proper full use, how you would read them
Important to get an actual zero though, don’t leave them hanging :wink:

Don’t be tempted to do lessons and continue leveling until all reviews are done. This script can be abused that way :wink:


Getting a 0% on reviews? Ouch.
I agree with your actual point… back to my Enlightened/Burned reviews (if I get them right! :wink: )

Yeah. After reseting (… twice! XD ) my personal hard rule is never do a lesson unless reviews are zero!
I try to get zero daily, preferably do reviews as they come and keep it at zero.
Lessons I divide on several days. First time I did all lessons first chance, giving you big bulks of reviews coming as well. Now I divide them up on the days I want them done by =)

If the reviews build up I will fight them down, while not adding to it. If I can’t keep up I can’t add more work :wink:
Then after a while it will diminish, since every correct answer will push it further away (possibly even forever/burned) making less review incoming =)

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