How to do radicals of next level before vocabularies

Is there any way to fix it of how to study radicals of new levels before the vocabularies? I want to do the lesson of the radicals first and then by the time I get my first review I want to study the vocabularies of the previous level.

For e.g. I will unlock my level 7 tomorrow and I am seeing that I still left with 45 vocabularies which are unlock on level 6. So can I do the radicals first of level 7 before study the vocabularies of level 6?

Is there any way to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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I’d recommend [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter over Reorder Ultimate. But I’m not biased, I swear. :eyes:


If, like me, you don’t want to install a browser extension, here’s a much simpler method.

  1. Start a review session
  2. Open the browser javascript console. In Chrome, you can do this with Ctrl + Shift + J.
  3. Paste in the following code and hit enter: $.jStorage.set('l/lessonQueue', $.jStorage.get('l/lessonQueue').filter(r => r.rad))
  4. It will initially seem like nothing happened, but once you complete the current batch of lessons, everything will be radicals. Try it and see! I’ve been using this method ever since I hit level 6.

I don’t know why you’re so averse to browser extensions. In Chrome at least you can configure Tampermonkey to only run on if you’re that concerned.


If, like me, you don’t want to install a browser extension, here’s a much simpler method.
>run javascript in the browser console

I think you might have an odd idea of what constitutes as a “simpler method” for non-developer folks.


We’re not giant corporations, therefore we’re evil. Clearly an extension of any sort is hiding malware to steal personal information.

If you want simple, wouldn’t F12 be better?
Or, just make a bookmarklet? But wait… does that count as an extension? Could you trust an extension you wrote, or would it still be unsafe because… reasons?


Thanks, I didn’t know about how to use script until now.

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I think you mean an alternative method :slightly_smiling_face: (because for most people, opening the dev tools and copy pasting code every time isn’t simpler…or safer than extensions if they don’t read the code)

(@JapanStar49 do you have an auto-heart script running or something? :sweat_smile:)


Or, if like me, you’re on mobile, so browser extensions aren’t designed with your device in mind, and Tampermonkey isn’t available, you can use Tsurukame (an iOS app).


This guide has a lot info about time-effective strategies to navigate WK, including scripts that were mentioned:


I use the Reorder Ultimate too (first link you got)
And yes, if used as you asked it is a great tool! Just don’t be tempted to leave the Vocabs behind :wink:
It’s an amazing tool when used right, but horrible if misused (I had to reset once because of this script)

Because the danger of using the script, I would like to give an example of how it can be used right to maximise learning =)

This is based on 7 day levels, but works just as good on slower speed =)
I like to this order: Zero lessons left before level up (important).
On level up you earn new vocabs of the previous level as you guru the last kanji, those don’t count.

First day I do Radicals. Then I do the Kanji. Next day I start doing the vocabs, and space them out to have them done before the Radicals and Kanji Guru, and unlock more Kanji and vocabs.
I do the newly unlocked Kanji first, the vocabs the next few days. Have Zero before level up =)
And also Zero reviews daily, try to do them as they come in =)

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Lmao! I love seeing people use such methods and sharing it with others. Really interesting to see and I love the variety, thanks for sharing. I think I remember you posting this code somewhere before actually…
But calling it simpler is just rofl. Even though it’s ‘only’ copy pasting a line of code, the script already does that for me. Like, I don’t have to do anything at all, ANYTHING! It can’t get simpler than that and come on surely you can’t claim so.


@JapanStar49 I can’t vouch for it on iOS, but at least on Android you can install browser extensions on Firefox. (Life changing!)

(I also use the Android app Flaming Durtles a little, but it doesn’t have native support for a couple quality-of-life extensions I use that I’m mostly too spoiled to live without… Definitely good for when I need to do reviews without internet access, though!)

Thank you so much.

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Which are those? I am just curious what you would need in order to use a mobile app more…

The ones I miss most are Do You Even Kana? (checks that you didn’t typo the kana given to you outside kanji) and Katakana Madness (displays on-readings in katakana). I’d miss even more if I ever did lessons via app (Niai similar kanji, lesson spoiler removal, etc.). But I don’t do reviews on my mobile that frequently anyway - only when “necessary” - because I type so much faster and more accurately on a normal-size keyboard.

On iOS, Tsurukame includes these. It’s just so small I barely even realize that they’re there… but I agree they are useful!

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