Pressing Enter killed my review

I am just starting out and was on my next review for tonight. I was getting tired of clicking the arrow so I thought I’d just hit enter after typing my answer—the bar turned green, I was good to go, and hoping to go keyboard only from there on out I pressed enter again. Suddenly the review exits to here:


Obviously, I was supposed to have seventeen more kanji to review, but I never got there and now it just says three hours until the next review. :confused:


Looks like you only had 1 item to review.


Can you double check your WK homepage and see what it says for upcoming reviews? Perhaps those 17 reviews are a little later on. If they were available now you’d be able to enter another review session at the top righthand corner of the page.


Very helpful. Keep up the good work. This new person certainly feels very welcomed and loved because of this. They no longer have a problem.

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Hey m8,

First off welcome to the community. We are generally very nice here. Let’s kill these kanji together!!!


So it’s a little hard to see where the problem happened here. I’m going to do my best to guess what happened. Any further information you can give will help.

It does appear that you had only 1 item in your review.

Guess 1: You had an old tab open when you hit review.
Guess 2: You mixed up reviews/lesson tabs
Guess 3: You looked at the next hour tab for the number of reviews. I have found that it is sometimes glitchy.

For the record, You can hit enter to input your answer. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

Sorry if I couldn’t help more, good luck!


Take notes, curiousess, Inochiko is the nicest member we have.

But it’s true, I’m known for being unhelpful. Hope it all works out.


Thanks for the suggestions and welcoming me! It’s really nice to be a part of a community of learners—looking forward to posting more…

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure it wasn’t any of your suggestions as the review started with 18 to go and promptly exited out after my first item.

I learned eighteen kanji on my last lesson so it makes sense to me that I would review those as a chunk. But perhaps not? Is it common that you will encounter reviews with only 1 item in them? Does this somehow depend on how many you got correct or not in the last review?

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If you got 17 answers right on your last review and 1 wrong, those 17 will get bumped up an srs level while the one wrong gets bumped down. Then, you’d still get those 17 in one chunk and the one you got wrong would be separate.


Ah gotcha! That seems likely, as I do think it was the only one I got wrong. Sorry for my noobish confusion.

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The number of reviews that you get depends on when you did your lessons and what you get right, in a way.

Did you read in the WK FAQ about the SRS system and the time spacing? If not, I’d suggest that it’s a good thing to read up on to better understand how WK does things. ^^

With regards to your question:

When you hit the “reviews” bubble on your dashboard, it first takes you to the review summary screen. Is there a chance that you mistook the number that you saw there as your upcoming review number?

Otherwise the only thing that I can think of is that you were on a tab that had not been refreshed yet, which can mean that you see an old number on the dashboard.

If it happens more than once, you can always email the WK staff at or you can come back here and we can try to tag a mod to look into it.

But I personally say a small oversight like that happens sometimes, and it’s unlikely that anything is actually wrong. Keep at it, and I’m sure it’ll be fine. ^^

Welcome @curiousess I wish you the best in your kanji learnings.

This is an exciting journey we all are in and I am glad that you are part of it!

With regards to your question, not really sure what happened but I am going with @gqad’s response. It seems to be the most likely explanation based on what I can infer from your post. @Omun’s also, since I got caught between posts… :crazy_face:

All the best in your Wanikani journey!

-inspectatoro :nerd_face:


Very helpful. Keep up the good work. This regular certainly feels very welcomed and loved because of this.


the number of reviews at any given time is weird. just go with whatever the system decides you need to do at any given time. give yourself over to the hive mind. SURRENDER YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. QUESTION NOTHING. ACCCCEEEEPPPPTTTT THE WAYS OF THE TURTLE CROCODILE THINGY


turtle crocodile thingy?
it’s called a crabigator…
wanikani is its name in japanese…
its ok he still loves you as long as you do your reviews


How dare you insult the Almighty Crabigator! :crabigator:

The timers here do some rounding on the back end, so what you see isn’t always exactly accurate, which can cause some confusion. What @omun said about tabs is possible too. Having WaniKani open in multiple tabs at once can cause issues with how information is cached, which can lead to its own type of weirdness.

So, like other people have said, it was probably a one-off kind of thing. If you it keeps acting weird, though, let us know.


Don’t let them fool you, it’s a crabodile.


Thanks. It’s really nice to see how many people jumped in this thread just for the chance of welcoming me and being friendly. I can tell this is a special place on the internet.


oh hey i will tell you one thing about the countdown timers. they are always counting down to an hour on the hour. so if it says “about 20 minutes left” or something, and it’s after 1:00 PM, you know it means you are back to work at 2:00 PM.


Please show me on this doll where the “special place” is