Meaning doesn't enter

sometimes when I am doing reviews and I type in the meaning and try to submit it, it just does the little shaking animation and nothing happens (the same animation if you put onyomi instead of kunyomi for example). Makes it impossible to finish my reviews.

Do you perhaps have another review session open in a different window or tab, or even on a different device? That happens when there are multiple sessions active at once and WK just doesn’t know how to handle it.

This has happened to me a few times as well. Refreshing the page works eventually, after some tries. Still annoying, though.Definitely didn’t have multiple sessions going.

Yeah i didn’t have multiple sessions running.

It’s happening again and I absolutely don’t have any other sessions open anywhere…can’t even do any of my reviews :frowning:

Can you give us a specific example of the item and answer the next time it happens to you? Do you run any scripts/extensions with WaniKani?

Also, feel free to shoot us an email if you prefer:

Most of us are going to be out for the weekend soon, though, so we might not have the chance to really look into it until Monday.

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I haven’t checked to see if it is documented, but I have noticed that when entering for hiragana, you cannot have spaces. If there is a leading space or a trailing space, it will shake and not accept. Deleting the space then allows to submit. This is definitely the kind of thing that can be nearly impossible to see when I’ve accidentally hit the spacebar when typing.

Also, if you accidentally hit ' on the way to enter: in addition to rejecting the input, the cursor also jumps to the beginning of the text field. You have to move the cursor to the end again in order to delete it. This happens to me probably once a day average.

That’s weird. I make that same mistake and that never happens to me. It might be a quirk of your browser.

I’ll keep an eye out on all of the things you guys mentioned. It hasn’t happened since the last time I mentioned it. It’s really odd why it happens randomly.

Yeah I run quite a few scripts.

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