Reviews from Enlightened to Burned

Hi all!

I have finally started burning my first kanjis, yay! However I’m starting to notice a new pattern. My daily reviews are starting to get crowded (over a 100 daily reviews) without even adding new apprentice words in the mix. With 1500+ Enlightened words it makes sense but I wanted to know, how long did it take for your review pile to become manageable again once the enlightened words started showing back up? I’d like to continue progressing but it’s starting to get a tad overwhelming and I’m missing lots of kanjis/vocab that I had no problem passing before.

Please share your experience with me, I’ve very curious to know how it’s felt for you guys!


Your initial burns are going to be a bit more bunched together because level 1-3 are shorter levels, and it’ll also add if a lot of them end up being bounced back to guru for wrong answers. If it’s the latter then I suggest just pausing on new items for a bit to revise your failed burns.

But otherwise, once you’re through the initial peak for the level 1-3 burns, I’d expect the workload of items to burn to be pretty constant. It’s basically the pace you initially went through them with a four month delay.


Ah I see, thank you for that. I was worried because I’ve been going at a pretty steady path lately and I’m dreading the vocabulary from earlier levels that I might’ve forgotten by now and I don’t want to be stuck at level 17 forever because I have to burn older items.

You’ve also answered my follow-up question of where they go if I make a mistake on them so thank you for that as well!