I resurrect everything

I burn. As soon as I’m finished with my reviews, I go back and resurrect. Anyone else do the same? What do you think?


As long as you don’t feel overwhelmed… you do you?


Does resurrecting put them back at Enlightened or back at Apprentice? Seems like seeing them again in another 4 months wouldn’t be terrible, though I have many new things to learn and other ways to spend my time. Running them all the way from apprentice though? Seems like using Anki or something to continue increasing the SRS intervals would be better


I only resurrect vocab/kanji that I encounter while reading and can’t remember what it means.

If I unburn everything then I would get burned out pretty fast. Might work at your level but once you have more things unlocked it will be to much.

@ReiLossefalme it puts them back to Apprentice 1 so you have to do all the stages again.


I think that if you never let items remain burned, your review piles will continue to get larger and larger with no upper limit. Burning items helps offset the extra work that comes in by doing new lessons every day.

I haven’t seen anybody experiment with this so I can’t tell how accurate my predictions are. If you choose to continue resurrecting items it would be interesting to see the results.


You are craaaaaaazy!


Thousands upon thousands of reviews on the road from 1 to 60. I cannot picture willingly keeping ALL WK reviews in the hopper at all times.

If I’d done that, I never would have had the time and energy to focus on grammar, essential non-WK vocab, reading, and listening. That’s disregarding the fact I’d be so sick and tired of reviewing that I likely wouldn’t have made it to 60 at all.

I wonder if you perhaps worry about forgetting things? WK allows reviews to move to Burn because they assume you will be putting your Japanese into practice, so you’ll continue to reinforce by encountering things in the wild.

But! There is no one-size-fits-all method to learning. If you do small lesson batches, it may not be as bad as I think it is in terms of review volume.

If you’re learning kanji, and have time to fully develop all other aspects of the language, I don’t see the harm. Whatever works, works. Just be mindful of burnout and be flexible when needed.

Good luck!


I think you’re really underestimating how much work you’re setting yourself up for. :grimacing: Which is why I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before. I’d defo stop doing this right now if I were you.

If you’re worried about forgetting things, there are much better ways to go about it. Such as using user scripts like the Item Inspector to list all burned items and quiz yourself on them from time to time or just the Self-Study Quiz.

There is really no need to unburn anything to refresh your memory of burned items.


You crazy


If you don’t burn out, then I guess that’s fine. :sweat_smile:

The odds are against you though. It resets them to apprentice 1 after all.

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I guess the question is why you’re resurrecting/unburning items. That’s what should determine if this approach is a good idea or not. If you find that WK’s SRS still isn’t making items stick as well as you’d like, then I’d suggest you start thinking about other things you can do with the kanji and vocabulary you’ve learnt in order to remember them better. In other words, you might want to come up with better mnemonics or better ways to remember them (by associating them with something that’s more impactful or meaningful to you), or you might want find ways to apply your knowledge by reading or writing more so that you’ll get a chance to see what you’ve learnt in a different context.


I feel like everything sticks but I also don’t practice outside of wanikani. So I am scared that if I leave everything burned, I’ll eventually forget it. Sometimes it gets overwhelming. I spend a huge chunk doing my reviews and they pile up after a day or so. For now it’s manageable but I can see how it can cause burn out

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I recommend you to try to look for the vocab in some sentences. Jisho can help with that. It’s better to keep a slow steady progress than doing it without a goal.

I know your feeling. I reached level 25 and thought I didn’t know enough and even didn’t remember burned kanjis and finished burned because of 1000 reviews and not learning. I had to reset. Now I’m back, but stronger. :slight_smile:

One example, in Jisho, of looking vocab into sentences (this way you reinforce the vocab and put it in context):

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if you’re up for that kind of review load, why not just go for faster level ups?


OK, I get why you’re concerned. Well, I guess… then you should just try to add a little external practice to your schedule? @Bassmind’s suggestion sounds good, and you can do it with another EN-JP dictionary with more sentences like https://ejje.weblio.jp. Personally, I’d say that, if you have anything you really enjoy doing in Japanese, like listening to music or watching anime, you can try to use that for practice instead. It’s fairly low effort, and the main thing you’ll be doing is just listening out for words you already know. I think that will help you by prompting you to recall words from time to time. I do that, anyhow, and I don’t even use WK or have any record of all the words I know anywhere. It definitely helps me with retention.


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